Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weird Celebrity Crushes.....What's yours?

Celebrity crushes........We all have them - Or maybe just I do. A bit of a school girl / school boy crush on a particular celebrity (or celebrities for that matter) you watch them in a movie, on television, or on the sporting field and you feel a little flustered. You appreciate their brooding looks (if it's the male of the species you're fawning over) their deep, husky voices, their muscular physique - (Sorry if any blokes are reading, but I'm directing this post towards the ladies). Most of the women I 'interviewed' (or rather hassled) for this information were happy to tell me all about their conventional lust-haves;

For instance;

gerard butler 14 Gerard Butler
Brooding looks, 'undress me' eyes - Gerard Butler gets the tick of approval.

Slightly kooky, absolutely gorgeous and incredibly talented...Johnny Depp....Mm mm!

I can't stand a man who requires more grooming than I do....but many women think David Beckham is to 'die for'

Knew he had to crop up somewhere. I guess Brad Pitt is handsome, but a bit too mainstream for me.
Sometimes being so good looking should be a crime...Paul Walker I'm talking to you.

But what about the unusual....the unconventional....and honestly, some of the downright creepy, celebrity loves?

Tex Perkins? Interesting to say the least.
A man with pubes for hair and a pot belly? Ugh!

Steve Martin? Really? Honestly? Well, each to their own.

How can you not love someone that's all that's right with the world?
Now I kind of get this one, definitely left of centre, Nic Cage exemplifies the word 'weird'
So, what about me? You may ask....who do I 'secretly' lust after? Who do I go 'ga-ga' over? What man could possibly make me go all googly-eyed at the television set? My girlfriends all know and they think that's it hilarious that I could fawn over a bloke who is vertically challenged, has terrible hair and is approaching middle age......

Please excuse me while I drool....

Now I want to hear all about your celebrity crush(es) whether weird or come on, spill it, share it, divulge all......I'm waiting.


  1. Mine's probably the weirdest you'll hear. First I'll tell you my normal ones: Matt Damon and Russell Crowe. Ok, here's the weird one. Are you ready? The mean guy in Alvin and the Chipmunks. Even I find it slightly disturbing.

  2. Yum, Nic Cage!!!

    Ok, and slightly embarrassingly (although I have confessed this before) Martin Clues, big ears, rubbery lips, frankly odd looking but I just want to curl up in his lap .............

  3. You had me at Gerard! LOL (or Johnny will do too LOL).

    I can see why you like Hammond. He is kinda cute. LOL

    Anne x

  4. My friend admitted on FB that she sorta kinda liked James... See I would go with Hammond personally, so Im with you there!

    I *heart* Tom Welling (aka Smallville / superman fame) have done for years and Hubby is well aware he doesnt stand a chance when he comes knocking!

    As for the weirder crush... Chuck (aka Zachary levi) and I dont mean his character in tangled, its his character is Chuck that does it. geek alert (him)

  5. Forgot to add Jax (charlie hunnam) from Sons of Anarchy, he is the new flavour of the month :)

    Ps we werent to pick just one were we?

  6. Haha! You can pick as many as you like! I promise I won't tell! xx

  7. MMMM Johnny! Can't get enough. I <3 Cam Gigandet. Most people don't know who he is, but look him up! And David Boreanaz. I never thought he was hot until I watched him in Bones!

  8. I'm happy to see I'm not the only one with a minor thing for Hammond. Only minor though :)
    Daniel Johns was my ultimate celeb crush as a teen, and still kinda is. I wouldn't turn Clooney down, or Pitt, but perhaps a recent weirder one (to some) of mine would be Dave Grohl. Grrrrrr.

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