Friday, August 7, 2015

When Kids Say Stuff......

Kids say the darndest things. And the cutest. And sometimes the rudest......
Watching them wrap their little mouths around words such as spaghetti and stethoscope usually has highly entertaining results.
       But occasionally they come out with a word that you really wish they could blurt out accurately.
   In my 20 years of working with small people the number 1 word that kids mispronounce guessed it......truck. I swear 9 out 10 kids at some stage of linguistic ability put a big fat "F" in front of it instead of the acceptable "Tr".
   One child of mine was particularly memorable at this stage. He could deadset sense a truck approaching from miles away and the excitement would begin...
  "Here comes a F-uck Mummy! A F-uck!!! Here it comes! It's coming! Will it be a big F-uck? What colour will the F-uck be????' A great, big F-uck!!! Always at the top of his lungs and always repeating the word about 20 times. I swear the neighbours thought we were complete and utter potty mouths. Or he pulled the word out when the MIL was that was always 'interesting'.
    Here are some other shockers that my children have 'announced' at usually inappropriate times......
The time my daughter told me she wanted to grow up and become a 'Fashion Vagina"
When a certain Mr (that of 'truck' fame) referred to the Supermarket as the "Stupid Market" (and I tended to agree.....)
When we took my nephew bushwalking and he was looking everywhere for a big (st)dick.
Or very memorably when my sister (who is in her 30's) referred to an octopuses tentacles as "testicles"
     Along with the downright embarrassing linguistical nightmares comes the downright cute. Some of our cute little family sayings are now woven into the folklore of our family and we pronounce them this way permanently, they still give me a smile whenever I hear them......
   Inside Out is 'Inside Outside'
   Mozzarella is 'Monsterella'
   Kabana and Cheese is "Barnacles and Cheese"
   Coathangers are "Hoatcangers"
   Eleavator is "Alligator"
   Happy Birthday is "Happy Smurfday"
And we all love a trip to "Bunnies" instead of "Bunnings"
My favourite however is a big old fashioned "Huggle" instead of a hug. Infact I still subject my nearly Mr 15 to a huggle whenever I can. Now it's my turn to be the embarrassing one.....
What are some of the cute (and scary!!) things your kids have said over the years??