Sunday, September 18, 2011

Confessions of a Prude

When middle sister rang me to discuss the itinerary for little sister's hens weekend, I did not expect the words......'And we're having a sex toy party' to spring forth from her lips....but 'spring forth' it did. After a tense few moments where I was too shocked to say anything and she digested my discomfort, she asked 'are you OK with that?

What could I say? That I.....21st century Mumma to four, modern day woman, in my a prude? That somehow the idea of sitting around, discussing and giggling about the 'latest' in autonomous intercourse....makes me blush with embarrassment? That perusing books on various positions and techniques reminds me of how shocked I felt when I was 15 years old.....and reading the very dirty book I found in my Grandparents book shelf. (Of course that fact that I was shocked didn't stop me from reading the sordid tale.)

'I'm sure that will be lovely' I squeaked permissively to my sibling. Lovely...the word only a prude would use to describe an event such as this one.

I'm not sure why I'm so prudish. Maybe it's just because I feel so goddamn responsible all the time. Even when my beloved starts 'hinting' (badly I might add) that he's up for 'it', I give him an affronted slap...'Stop it!' I hiss. Intimacy is important, we all know that, I just find discussing it a tad........I don't know.....vulgar.

'Get off your high horse princess' I hear you scoff - I know, I know, but I just can't help it - It's in my nature to be prim, prudent, straight-laced. Today's society is so sexualised that I sometimes find it a bit overbearing, a bit excessive.....a bit unnecessary?

So attending this particular party was going to be a tall order for me...but attend I did.
And guess what? It was fun....hilarious even. I giggled along with everyone else. I discussed the products with enthusiasm. I even...shock, horror.....bought something.
Although I'm not sharing the details of that with definitely comes under the title of 'too much information' and we all know how I feel about that!


  1. Too funny Lene! To be honest I would probably have a similar initial reaction. I don't know that it is anymore prudishness than perhaps shyness or just the fact that some people are more private than others.

    Anyway, I'm glad you had a great time, probably surprised yourself! :-) (and what better way to shop for those intimate items than in the privacy of someone's home... it was brave of you to post about it!)

  2. I've been to one of those parties and you are right.. hilarious! Especially the presenter - she had every product on offer! Too funny x

  3. You're so right Lene. Before kids and in my younger days I most probably could've been called a 'floosie' but since having the kids, I have become a real prude. Those parties can be a lot of fun. Haven't been for a while.

    Anne xx

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  5. prude? At least you can say you've been to one of those parties... My only parties that contained "plastics" was a tupperware party - fun, but certainy not in the same league!

    I'm certainly no prude having ventured into a shop :o but I do find the *ahem* drinkbottles, straws etc a little confronting at hens parties ;)

    * word changed, because I just realised you will get a tonne of hits from dubious sites - happened to me when I posted the V word *blush*


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