Monday, November 21, 2011

Friends are Forever.......

When my eldest daughter started school I was nervous. Nervous about her making new friends, nervous about making friends myself. I don't socialise effortlessly and easily like some people do. I always feel self conscious, like I'm going to say or do something wrong, like everyone is staring at me and thinking 'What an idiot'.

After a while, I started to see the same girls (ladies really, but to make us all feel young and hip I'm going to say girls) everyday. We would chat at school drop off and pick up and then we started meeting each other for coffee, shopping and birthday parties. My insecurities slipped away, I was part of a group....and a wonderful group at that. The BBQ's started, the social gatherings. We could count on each other to take care of each others kids and to pick up  the pieces when our lives went wrong. New babies arrived and they would fit in amongst the group, the children, the husbands and us girls.

Women make wonderful friends. We love and laugh big. We give it our all, we care. Our hearts are permanently on our sleeves.

Then, we found out that one of us has to leave. To start a new life somewhere else...a long way away. We know that she'll be back, her and her wonderful family, but for a while there will be a space, just waiting for her, for when she comes back.

Last weekend we said goodbye. Not in a crying, hugging kind of way. We escaped....just us girls....on a weekend getaway. We said goodbye with laughter, love and fun. We said goodbye while cracking jokes, eating tonnes of food and relaxing.

So, to our dear and darling friend. We wish you all the best, we wish you happiness and health in your new home. And we'll all be here, waiting for your return.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Please Excuse Me.......

Hi everyone. Long time no post. Or no post since Sunday anyway. Sorry I haven't been around much but things have kinda got on top of me, like.....

My Husband (Oops! Lame attempt at humour)

At one stage I was writing almost daily, but lately I've been having trouble staying motivated. There are a few things I've had to let slide....and this little bloggy just happens to be one of them. It is a little bit sad, but unfortunately when I'm not racing around like a blue-arsed fly I'm sleeping. Sleep comes first at the moment my friends.

To be just a teensy bit honest I've also lost my blogging mojo....just a little. The fire just isn't there at this point in time. The lights are on but no body's home. This brain of mine is just a great empty void of nothingness....well, it's like that all the time but lately it's worse.

So first of all I would like to apologise to all my lovely bloggy friends. Thank you all for visiting and commenting. I love that you are here. I'm sorry for not visiting you all as much as I should be. As soon as my brain is de-fuzzed I'll be back around, I promise. Have a hot cuppa ready would ya?

To my friends and family who visit through Facebook. Thanks for sticking by me. Thanks for reading my crap. I love your support.

I'm not disappearing, I'll still be around, just in a vague, unfocused, half hearted way. Once I have everything sorted out hopefully the spark will come back. I have a few posts planned for in the future, they will just be written when I get a chance. So no regularity from me!

So, if you'll all please excuse me.........

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Sister's Wedding...

On Friday I was lucky enough to be part of a very special occasion....I watched my baby sister marry her wonderful partner of 7 years.

Baby sister has always been the life and soul of our family. She is vivacious, fun and pure goodness. Being six years younger than me I always thought she was adorable...until she started stealing my clothes and ripping the heads off my barbie dolls that is.

Watching her grow into a beautiful young woman has been a joy. Then, when she met someone who understands, loves her and makes her happy, it seemed to bring a whole new dimension into her life. Having their first baby last year completed the picture.

When I made my way down the aisle as bridesmaid on her wedding day and spotted her adoring husband to be waiting at the end, I started sobbing hysterically. This was the moment, a moment that seven years of accumulated joy, fun, trials, tribulations, laughter and love had ended in... a new beginning, the start of something spectacular.

I turned and watched with pride as my sister walked down on the arm of her beloved Daddy. Our Daddy who, until a few days previously had been seriously ill in hospital.

The ceremony was beautiful, the setting true to their personalities and style. It was a privilege to be part of such an incredible moment.

The rest of the day was a celebration of pure joy. A celebration of their love. I wished it had gone on and on and never ended, but unfortunately it had to.

So congratulations to my lovely sister and my new brother. May your lives be filled with love, laughter and happiness.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just a little bit of Fabulousness!!

Today I indulged in some fabulousness. I have been preened and pampered and well and truly beautified. Now, this is highly unusual for me. But due to my impending bridesmaid duties on Friday for my little sister (Eeeek! So excited!) I thought that it was best for me to join the other girls for finger nails, fake tans and frivolity.

 I can honestly say I have never actually been to a day spa. I have had my nails done before..once or twice I think....but I have never, ever had a spray tan before - which I think the beauty therapist was well aware of.......judging by her amused expression bought on by my awkwardness.

Initially I had a run down on spray tan etiquette by my sister's well informed friend. Then brave (or stupid) person that I am I eagerly volunteered to go first.

So first of all I had to strip off. I had anticipated this, although I wasn't quite prepared to go the whole hog. Getting naked in front of strangers is not my forte. I may have been a little more liberal with flashing body parts in my early twenties, but several years and children later, my wobbly bits are only for my husband's eyes.

Then, the lady hands me something that looks vaguely like dental floss. I was supposed to put this on...somewhere. I didn't think it would look appropriate hanging from my teeth, so I 'tried' to cover the parts that needed to be covered.

Then she started spraying. Some sort of cold, sticky substance. It tickled, and I had a hard time not laughing at the awkwardness of the situation. Here I was, stark freaking naked, getting sprayed with some sort of concoction, by a complete stranger. Funny weird or funny ha ha?

Anyways, a few minutes later I was done. I stood self-conciously in the room while a fan dried me off and the therapist cleaned up. I was sure she was making a mental note to tell all her friends of 'the frumpy Mum who came in today, obviously had a couple kids judging by the general saggy/dagginess, was plain to see that she had never heard of hair removal or beauty products' or else she couldn't have cared less and it was just my crazy self-talk.

Next it was nails, which was definitely less embarrassing and really quite nice. Then, toe nails...which was divine...although I felt slightly sorry for the poor woman who had to deal with my dodgy toesies.

So, now I am tanned, pretty and fabulous. All ready for a super-special day on Friday.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Today...I Was Awesome!


Everyone knows about my aversion to housework. As far as I'm concerned there are so many other things I would rather be doing....reading, drinking tea, eating chocolate, blogging, playing with the children....almost anything really.

But today something happened. Something highly unusual, something completely unprecedented. Today I cleaned. And I didn't just clean a little...I cleaned like crazy, I cleaned everything and anything...I was like a demented Doris Day.

From the moment I awoke this morning at 5:30 am until about 15 minutes ago I was a woman possessed.

I vacuumed, I scrubbed, I mopped, I wiped down surfaces, I washed couch cushions......I even attacked Mt Koziwashko. True, I was worried about tackling such a beast. There is always the possibility that I will be swallowed alive, but with sheer manpower (admittedly I bribed the children with sweets to help me) we overcame the monstrosity.

When Hubby returned from work I am quite sure he had wondered what on earth had happened to his little, lazy wifey. He was greeted by the smells of cleaning products and the sight of my rear end in the air while I scrubbed the floor...which he probably quite liked to be honest.

I dare any rodent of any description to set their filthy little paws in my abode now. If any of them so much place a whisker anywhere near this house they will hopefully die from the toxic fumes radiating from within (sorry children) or else they will die of starvation from the lack of crumbs in my carpet.

Tonight I gave myself a mental high-five, I danced a happy dance while alone (can you believe it...bliss) in the shower...sorry Hubby you probably would have quite liked that too......Tonight I'm happy that I had such a productive day. Let's just hope that it all doesn't become completely unravelled tomorrow!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Sibling Showdown!

'Give it to me!'
'That's mine!'
'I had it first!'
'You smell like poo'
'You are a bum!'
'I hate you!'
'You are the worst ever!'

Anyone approaching the vicinity of my household would probably be astounded by the ear-shattering, ground trembling, nails-on-blackboard sounds coming from the confines of its four walls.

They would probably run for miles in fear of the evil creatures that reside inside......

One is 8 years old. Long blonde hair, pink cherubic face, big blue eyes.

The other is 5 years old. Disarmingly cute, butter-wouldn't-melt in his mouth, angelic demeanour.

Most of the time they behave reasonably well...of course they have their moments in public but generally I can take them anywhere with little fear of them displaying unsavoury behaviour.

At home it is a different story. I feel like I'm constantly breaking up an argument of some sort. Forever pulling them apart to prevent them from actually tearing each other limb from limb. They race around screaming at each other and participating in a game I can only call 'run and punch'.

It takes all of my self-restraint from joining in to be honest. Sometimes they seem so evil I could easily scream, yell, run and punch too.....

But, I don't. Of course I don't. Because I am the adult here. I have to set an example. I have to model appropriate behaviour....dammit.

So, I spend an awful lot of my time explaining the 'right way' to behave, the 'right way' to react to your sneering, face pulling, bottom-flashing brother. The 'right way' to respond to your screeching, scratching, temperamental sister.

Sometimes I feel like teaching them 'Do unto others..blah, blah, blah' is falling on deaf ears. Somehow I hope the message is slowly sinking in and eventually they will begin to like each other again. But until then.......

'You are a big snot-head...Na-na Na-na-na!'

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

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My brain is on the fritz. This is not uncommon, in fact I find the whole debacle of bringing up children enough to send me quite batty. Lately, it's been worse than normal though. It feels like I have a whole host of dilemmas to deal with and not enough hours in the day to deal with them all.

Over the next two months life is crazier than crazy for this household.

Next week, two of my favourite people in the whole world are getting married. Eeeek! So excited! But with the wedding comes a fair amount of organising to do. I have to pack for us all to go away (the wedding is at Lennox Head -Northern NSW)  we will be staying there for three days. I have to try and cut down on my 6 minute wedding speech (I do tend to ramble - in case you hadn't noticed) I'm handwriting all the place cards and I have to - at some point- beautify myself. Seeing that I am a bridesmaid I do have to make some effort. I don't think walking down the aisle with three months regrowth and the hairiest armpits in the universe will you? Now I am not complaining, the poor bride has way more on her plate than me (duh!) I'm just slightly freaking out.

My Daddy is in hospital. He is OK. Hopefully he will be out soon. But I kind of feel like I should be camped out in front of the place until he gets the all know what I mean?

We have to find a house to move into...preferably one that is not mouse-infested like this one. Now, we have been very lucky in that for the past few months we have lived in my MIL's house rent free while she has been away. But she will be back within the next  month so we need to find a house to rent pronto. Trouble is I'm a bit fussy. I've already looked at quite a few properties and not one had lived up to my expectations. I have three to look at before this week is out and I'm really hoping that one of them is acceptable. Even if it is OK it is quite likely that the owner will look at our application, see that it says 'Four kids and a dog' and shudder with horror...I know I would.

I also have a weekend away in Noosa to plan and get organised for (oh, poor me, such a hard life!) My daughter's 9th birthday to fit in (Can't believe she's nearly 9! Where did that time go?) and our yearly camping holiday to prepare for......Yaaaaaay!

Oh, and I almost forgot, I guess I should at some stage I should start to get ready for Christmas.....Oops! And Hubby's birthday (Christmas Eve)

So, please excuse me if I'm missing from the blogging world for any length of time. If I'm not around much be assured I'm either busy, exhausted or my brain has exploded!