Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grateful for.....Holidays! Holidays! Holidays!

Hooray for holidays!

Yesterday, when the kids trudged wearily from the school yard; hanging their heads and dragging their school bags sullenly behind them, I was upbeat and optimistic....'Cheer up!' I commanded 'it's school holidays!'

They smiled. I smiled. We all smiled.

I love school holidays.

Some parents may despair about what to do with their darlings for the next two weeks but not me. I have it all mapped out, all planned. We are going to do absolutely nothing......and I can't wait.

No waking up at the crack of dawn to race around the house like a demented banshee. No screaming and yelling to 'Get up, eat your breakfast, make your beds, teeth, hair, hurry up!,'
No scrounging around in the washing basket for wrinkly uniforms and odd socks. No throwing together soggy sandwiches and boring old carrot sticks for school lunches. No leaving at 8am to do the 40 minute round trip. No turning the car back around and heading all the way back up the hill because someone forgot their homework, drink bottle, school hat, underwear (Mr 5 has the wonderful habit of not wearing any underwear...ever)

We are going to play, create and cook. We are going to lap up the sunshine, have outdoor picnics and drink milky cups of tea. Watch movies, walk to the park, visit our friends. Strictly speaking it's not doing 'nothing', it's having no fixed schedule, no place that we 'have' to be. It's running free.

My plan of doing nothing for two weeks is my best one yet. The kids are exhausted. I am exhausted. We all need a rest. Because the next term will be one of unequalled madness. The lead up to Christmas, the myriad of birthdays, work, weddings, parties, appointments.......everything.

So, this week I am grateful for the start of school holidays....check back in two weeks time when I'm sure I'll be grateful for the end of school holidays.

This week 'Grateful' is being hosted by Mira Narnie, pop over and check it out!

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  1. I like holidays too - and the prospect of nothing planned. Enjoy!

  2. I always thought the best thing about school holidays was not having to make the lunches! OF course we're on permanent school hols in my house and I'm not complaining one bit!

    Enjoy the next couple of weeks. It sounds like a well-earned break for everyone! :-)

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