Thursday, September 8, 2011

Versatile Blogger? Who? Me?

This week the lovely Janelle over at Me and Mia thought of me......yes me, when she handed out Versatile Blogger awards.

To say I was pleased would be an understatement! A HUGE thank you to Janelle for thinking of me.

Now, to accept one of these awards there are certain rules you have to follow;

1) thank the blogger who awarded you and link back to them (see above!)
2) share 7 interesting facts about yourself
3) pass the award on to 15 newly discovered blogs

So here are 7 interesting (or boring, depending on how you look at it) facts about me;

1. I was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia the first time when I was 8 and the second time (permanently) when I was 12.

2. I went to 9 (9!) different Primary schools. That is more than one school a year. What can I say? My parents moved around a lot.

3. I'm scared of escalators.

4. I talk to myself.....All.The.Time.

5. I read my dictionary....for fun.

6. My favourite TV show is Top Gear. Yup, three middle aged blokes talking rubbish about cars....what's not to love?

7. Ours is a blended family. We have a his, (Mr 11) mine, (Miss 8) and ours (Mr 5 & Miss 2), but they are all ours as far as we're concerned.

Now here are my list of lovely blogs to go and check out.....
Anne @ Domesblissity, Lisa @ Mum of adult kids, Kristy @ House of Prowse, Sannah @ Inside the Snuggery, Car @ End'o the Road, Suzi @ Under the Windmills,
Kerri @ Signing Life, E @ Whining at the World, Melissa Jane @ Bright Side Up, Steph @ Madness of the Heart, K.D @ A Coffee Driven & Adventure Bound Life, Andy @ Words and Pen, Jennifier @ A Sampler, Muah @ Finding a skinnier me and Laura Maria @ Lessons, Emotions and something that begins with R.


  1. Congratulations on the award Lene. Love your blog, very well deserved!

    I can identify with 2, 3 and 4 but 5?? Seriously :))

    We seem to follow a lot of the same blogs but there are one or two in there I haven't come across before so I'm off to check them out! x

  2. 9 Primary schools - that's a lot!! And Yes I talk to myself a wee bit much too. (Oh and TOP GEAR!! - please no!!) Congratulations :O) Caz

  3. Oh Lene! You're too sweet! Thank you very much. We're a Top Gear house too. (Not the Aussie show though. That's crap! LOL) I admit I'm always talking to myself too. At least there's no back chat! LOL

    Thanks again my love!

    Anne xx

  4. Congratulations on the award! 3 & 4 I can totally relate to! And thank you!

  5. Oh, wow! I am honored! I never expected an award of any kind, thank you!

    I definitely relate to 4 and 5. Us nerds stick together ;-)
    But my favorite thing on here is number 7. Adorable!

    Thank you again for the award! I will get right on my nominations soon as well ;-)


  6. Congratulations love and well deserved xx.
    Oh and thanks for giving me a few more blogs to read. Hope you and the fam are all well xxx

  7. Thank you Lene! That this is coming from you means so much because I absolutely love your writing!!

  8. Thank-you Lene - feeling quite chuffed!
    Jennifer xx

  9. Well done on receiving your award and I am speechless that you nominated me. Thank you so much. Loving your blog - as always. :)

  10. Thanks so very much. Yes I talk to myself too. :)

  11. Thank you so much for nominating me!! I am shocked but also very pleased!!

    I can agree with your number 3!! LOL!

  12. Yay!
    Personally, I think reading the dictionary for fun is super. When I was young, I used to read encyclopaedias for fun, so I can identify with it! Way to go Lene!


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