Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Cat's Miaow......

As I sit here with my new laptop on my (you guessed it!) lap, I am getting constantly interrupted. I've rewritten the same starting sentence around five times. I've corrected several spelling mistakes (and as we ALL know I do not 'do' spelling mistakes)

Now, you all may under the misconception that Miss Tornado Two is having another one of 'those' days. Well today she is a little ray of sunshine. Playing happily and quietly with her dolls and her dollshouse.

Today I am being interrupted by someone and something totally different....here, let me introduce you.......

My helper........

Meet Pippa, our new and very adorable kitten.

On Friday Hubby and I made the journey to the GC Animal shelter and picked out Miss Pippa. It was a hard choice to make, there were so many lovely little babies there. Timid ones, shy ones, naughty, boisterous, crazy kittens everywhere.

Of course we chose a rumbustious one. Our household is pure chaos and a timid cat would soon feel the strain. Miss Pip fit the bill nicely, although lively she wasn't the craziest there. She loved getting picked up and having a snuggle. She purred loudly and often.

Once we had filled out our adoption papers we headed home.

The surprise waiting for the kids when they arrived home that afternoon was wonderful. Miss 9 (our animal lover) cried tears of joy. Miss 2 squealed with excitement, Mr 5 pulled out all her new toys and insisted she play with them 'now', Mickey (our dog) wagged his tail and gave her an enthusiastic lick.

When Mr 11 joined us the very next day he was beside himself. His cat that he had from when he was a baby passed away last year. So having a new friend really made his day, she slept with him that night and he was overjoyed.

As cute as the little ball of fluff is she is also very naughty. She races around the house at top speed. Her claws are sharp and she loves to launch herself at an unsuspecting passer-by. At night is her favourite time to play, she doesn't care if you are asleep or not, she'll just attack any limb protruding from the bedclothes. We have all taken to closing our doors at night to keep her out. Being awoken at 2am with claws digging into your foot is not an enjoyable experience I can tell you now.

So, as you can probably tell, Pippa is the perfect addition to our crazy household. She fits right in amongst the screaming, yelling, mess, mayhem and pure and utter joy that is our house......................

Welcome Miss Pippa-Cat!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Day In The Life Of Miss Tornado Two....

Hmmmmm...what to do today?

The best place to sleep at night is Mum and Dad's bed. I get all cosy and comfy in my favourite position - my feet on my Mum's face, my head nestled into Dad's armpit.

The sun barely touches the sky and I'm up....full of spark and pizazz and ready for my day.

Of course, I can't start creating havoc on all and sundry without my daily Milo fix. Milo is my favourite thing in the whole world....apart from chocolate....and perhaps ice-cream. I figure if I ask for it incessantly Mum will have to give it to me. But she's stubborn, my Mum, so I only get it in the morning.

'Milo-Milo-Milo-Milo-Milo-Milo-Milo' I demand, until it's delivered into my hot little hands.

Slurp, slurp, guzzle.

Now....what do I do after Milo? Oh, that's right....create havoc.

First I'll knock over my brother's carefully constructed mobilo tower....I'm sure he won't mind, he only spent an hour creating it.
Now, my sister has the her dolls house looking lovely....I still think it needs some rearranging.....I'll throw some Barbies and furniture around...ahhhh, that's much better.

Mum's asking me to come and get dressed. I know that if I ignore her long enough a funny thing happens and steam starts to come out of her ears. I think I'll wait and see if she does it again....it always amuses me.

I've fed my breakfast to the dog, done a wee on the carpet, refused to wear anything but my best party dress, squeezed a tube of toothpaste down the sink, drawn a lovely picture on the coffee table and emptied a container of rice on the floor. Quite a productive morning I think.

Time to take the big kids to school. I know Mum loves it when I run away from her in the car park, in the school grounds, in my brother's classroom and back in the car park on the way out again. She especially loves it when I make a mad dash right toward the busy road. I can tell she thinks it's great because her face goes a lovely bright red colour and she says alot of funny words. I think one of them rhymes with 'Truck'.

The middle of the day is one of my favourites. Mum sets some paint up and tells me that I've painted lots of beautiful colours. While Mum is busy hanging up my painting I quickly paint one of her brand, new outdoor cushions a lovely orange colour. I think she'll really like it.

Dog food tastes nice. Just saying.

We dance with maracas, until I whack Mum over the head with one.

Mum sets me up to play with my tea set while she hangs out the washing. I start to think that my 'tea' will be much nicer with some real sugar in it. I climb the shelves in the pantry, grab the sugar bowl, I then proceed to dump the whole bowl of sugar into the tea cup. Ohhhh Yuuuum! It tastes so good. Here comes Mum, I bet she'll like a taste too.

Steam is coming out of Mum's ears again. Hehe!

School pick up time. Yaaaay! I can play chase with Mum a bit more!

Scribble looks great on my big sister's homework.

Cereal is really something best eaten off the floor.

I really love to wash my hands....again and again and again. I like it even more if I pump the entire contents of the soap dispenser into my hands first, then I can have a bubble party!

I won't get in to the bath, you can't make me....................................................I won't get out of the bath, you can't make me.

I will not eat anything but ham for dinner. Just so you know.

I WILL NOT BRUSH MY TEETH. Not even if you try to pry my lips apart. I will scream and yell and cry all with my mouth firmly clamped shut.

Sleep is for wimps. I don't need sleep......I don't want sleep......Only babies go to sleep.


Mum, Mum, come here, I forgot to tell you something......


Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting Off My Lazy A***.


Why, hello there....

Long time no see.....

As you have probably noticed, or not........ depending on whether you ever paid attention to my random ramblings of the past......I've been AWOL for quite some time.

You see, I seem to have been suffering from an ailment, and a serious one at that. I like to call it 'dodgy Internet access', but it can also be known as 'can't be arsed', 'bone-idle lazy' or even 'blog-overload'.

I love blogging, I really do, but for a while there it was TAKING OVER MY LIFE.

So, I had a holiday, a hiatus, a lovely bloggy vacation. Ideally I had planned to only have Christmas off, but that slipped into January, February and now March has reared it's head, all without a peep from me.

Once I had passed my self-imposed break it was really hard to get back into it. In fact, to be honest I didn't even check my page at all during this time. Truth be told I was too scared to have a look. A bit like a garden that has been overlooked, I expected it to be overgrown, ugly, unkempt.

Time to do some weeding?

But of course, it looked exactly the same. A little bit of love, some pretty words and pictures and I'm sure 'she'll' be up and shining again.

So, what have I been doing for the past four months?

Honestly, I haven't been as lazy as I'm making myself out to be. You see (I'm sure you've all forgotten so I'm going to remind you) I live with these creatures. Four of the buggers. They are small, cute and they smell funny. They are also messy, difficult, annoying and disruptive. I'm sure you've heard of them.....'children' is what they are called.

You can find a description of these little monsters in any dictionary.......

children; A person between birth and puberty

Although, personally I like my own definition better.....

children; small. They make mess, fight incessantly and eat you out of house and home. They speak a strange language that can be described as whinging or whining, sometimes interspersed with a little bit of demanding. These creatures are abundant in their displays of affection, adoration, love and humour.

These mini people have been keeping me incredibly busy, but secretly I have missed writing. I've missed sharing the craziness of my life with you all. Sometimes it's like taking a giant weight off my shoulders, like chatting to a long lost friend.

So, I'm officially back. I've missed everything and everyone, hopefully, this time I can do this all much better. xxxxxxxx