Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Couch Potato....Couch Potato

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I'm going to be really honest with myself....and you here. I have a problem, something I really need to do something about........I'm a couch potato, a homebody, a lazy-bum. I don't often feel inclined to move....at all. I'm not sporty or athletic or really even remotely interested in being sporty or athletic.

I have friends who play sport, frequent the gym and attend those dance/exercise classes. When they discuss all these strenuous and exhausting activities I simply nod and smile. Not really relating to what any of them are talking about.

Admittedly I did spend 10 years running around dangerously with a hockey stick in hand. I loved it...it was great fun...it was just too bad that I kinda sucked at it. It was also too bad that I tended to loose my temper at ladies twice my age and twice my size.

Once the children arrived I stopped. Unfortunately caring for four children while my Husband works all.the.time does not give me much of a chance to play hazardous sports. Also I kind of value my teeth.

So how to exercise with children in tow? You don't.

I did try the gym...briefly....but working out (read dying) in that environment is akin to torture for me. Lots of sweating, grunting people packed into a room with pushy fitness instructors....ugh. Going for a walk with all the kidlets in tow is virtually impossible.....and I also would like to keep my sanity intact thank you.

But I know that if I value my health I need to make the time to do some form of activity.

So, I did it. I started. I kicked myself up the backside and I began to move.

Every morning I wake when the sparrow farts and while the children and Hubby are sleeping I pull on my daggy t-shirt and shorts, force my ancient sneakers on my feet and take off....just me and the dog. At that time of the morning (early) the air is clear and still crisp, the sun is peeking over the horizon and everything is silent....apart from the huffing and puffing from me and the click clack of the dog's paws on concrete.

It's lovely...peaceful...wonderful....and I wonder, why didn't I start this sooner?

Now all I need to do is stop eating so much cake....hmmmmm...easier said than done!


  1. I know that feeling - same same.
    Loved hockey and always had white line fever.
    Now I chase a toddler and three-nager for exercise.
    Maybe you are right - I'll feel better if I just start! Thanks for the kick up the bum x

  2. I also love hockey. Good for you for kicking yourself up and getting going! Sometimes that's the hardest part. If you would like something a little more fun, don't hesitate to ask me or check out the "Fitness" tab on my blog for more info.

  3. Oh, good for you Lene! When I read the "Couch Potato" heading I thought you might've been undertaking the "Couch to 5K" program. I've heard of it but am making myself a goal to do it and try to do the Bridge to Brisbane run next year. I was always playing sports and running in my younger days. The husband and kids soon put a stop to that (that's my excuse, anyway! LOL)

    Anne xx

  4. The hard part is getting back into it, I think. Once you can commit to something and experience the benefits, what's to stop you? Well done.


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