Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Lucky Aunty!

I have the extreme privilege of being the member of a very tight knit and close family. My parents brought us up to be the best of friends. To support and love one another, to know that we can rely on each other.
When I had my first baby my family were all there at the hospital to greet the newest addition to our ‘gang’. Each subsequent child was welcomed in the same way. My parents; loving but firm grandparents. My sisters; fun loving, affectionate (and sometimes naughty) Aunties.

Last year it was my turn. To greet my sister’s new additions. Not once, but twice. My younger sisters had been partners in mischief for quite a few years. They continued the theme when they fell pregnant within weeks of each other.

My beautiful nieces were born two weeks apart;
 Harlow came first......

Followed by Ruby......
Becoming an Aunty added a whole new dimension to my life. A love different to what I felt for my own scallywags.......but intense and beautiful all the same. I love cuddling and playing with them. I love their smiles and laughter. They are so funny and adorable. And best of all, when they cry or poo I can hand them back to their parents!
My children adore having baby cousins. They help to care for them when we visit. They revel in being ‘the big kids’, the responsible ones. It is wonderful.
Miss 8, Miss 2, Mr 5 and their little cousins.
I just can’t wait for my sisters to have more babies (hint, hint) for me to spoil!


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