Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Invasion!

For the past couple of weeks I have suspected that we may have some 'visitors' in our house. They arrived silently, without an invitation of any sort. I hadn't met these guests in person but I'd found the evidence everywhere. They've been having little parties all over the place.

I set up a few traps to stop the little buggers in their tracks but each morning they would be empty...

Smarter than the average rodent then?

As long as they quietly snapped up the crumbs left hither tither around the house by my darling children I wasn't too concerned...but then I saw one....a hairy, disgusting, little monster. It looked at me when I opened the linen cupboard this morning, just sat there and cocked it's head curiously as if to say 'So, what are you going to do about it huh?', needless to say I screamed the house down.

'What? What's wrong?' demanded Hubby, obviously concerned at my reaction.

'A mouse! A mouse!' I screamed hysterically.

Hubby doubled over with laughter. 'What were you trying to do? Deafen it? Scare it to death? I don't think it can hurt you darling' he chortled.

Well, I wasn't too sure about that. Repulsive, foul little thing. Spreading it's diseases everywhere. Ugh!

So now it's time to get rid of the vermin. No more Mrs Nice Girl, I'm bringing out the mouse exterminating artillery....before something terrible happens....something devastating.....something them getting into my chocolate stash.


  1. One peed on my Christmas lights! I had just the one for about 4 months a couple of years ago, it used to run around the dining room in the evening as bold as brass and I couldn't catch the bugger.

    Well, not until the day it decided to have a feast in the kitchen bin and I tied the sack up and dumped it in the wheelie bin outside.

    It was only days later I discovered it has chewed a hole through my hair straightners box and crapped all over them!

    I hope you get rid of them asap.

  2. Yikes Lene! When I started reading your post I thought it might've been a bigger one. They're my phobia. Yuck! I was going to suggest getting a cat but I'm a cat hater and I don't think I'd ever resort to that. My daughter is always asking for a kitten. She can ask all she likes! LOL Hope you get the little bugger soon.

    Anne xx

  3. We've had a shocking year with mice invasion! Usually get 1 or 2 as we live semi rural, but this year they kept coming and to this day hubby swears one ran across his face in bed one night... His excuse for sitting up screaming "get it off" in a high pitched voice ROFL!!!

    Try the round plastic traps with p, butter, they get in and it snaps shut trapping them best traps ever!

  4. Ugh. We had a mouse at our house a little while a go. Just one, but it got into SO much. We had to throw out so much food because of it.

    Also, for some reason couldn't comment on the above post - I can't wait to my sisters have children, soI can stuff them full of lollies like they do to my kids!


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