Monday, November 21, 2011

Friends are Forever.......

When my eldest daughter started school I was nervous. Nervous about her making new friends, nervous about making friends myself. I don't socialise effortlessly and easily like some people do. I always feel self conscious, like I'm going to say or do something wrong, like everyone is staring at me and thinking 'What an idiot'.

After a while, I started to see the same girls (ladies really, but to make us all feel young and hip I'm going to say girls) everyday. We would chat at school drop off and pick up and then we started meeting each other for coffee, shopping and birthday parties. My insecurities slipped away, I was part of a group....and a wonderful group at that. The BBQ's started, the social gatherings. We could count on each other to take care of each others kids and to pick up  the pieces when our lives went wrong. New babies arrived and they would fit in amongst the group, the children, the husbands and us girls.

Women make wonderful friends. We love and laugh big. We give it our all, we care. Our hearts are permanently on our sleeves.

Then, we found out that one of us has to leave. To start a new life somewhere else...a long way away. We know that she'll be back, her and her wonderful family, but for a while there will be a space, just waiting for her, for when she comes back.

Last weekend we said goodbye. Not in a crying, hugging kind of way. We escaped....just us girls....on a weekend getaway. We said goodbye with laughter, love and fun. We said goodbye while cracking jokes, eating tonnes of food and relaxing.

So, to our dear and darling friend. We wish you all the best, we wish you happiness and health in your new home. And we'll all be here, waiting for your return.



  1. That sounds lovely Lene. I'm glad you found a nice group. I'd love a group like that at my kid's school. Don't get me wrong. There's some nice people there but the groups were formed a long time ago. Maybe next year with my son starting.

    Anne xx

  2. Awww - Good luck with all of this. It's a tough time, sending the first to school, but it'll be great!

  3. You sound a lot like me with socialising, I definitely don't find it effortless. I found a group that sounds a lot like the group you found, but then we were the ones who had to leave. I miss them a lot, and unfortunately unlike your friend, it is really unlikely that we will move back. Now that we are in another city, at another school, I have met some great people, but it isn't a whole group that is supportive the way yours sounds it is. It sounds like you have found some wonderful women. And it sounds like your friend will be very missed.

  4. Lene - in the way of blogging I was out of the loop for a while - I came back and while I was reading another post I spotted your photo on the followers list and realised that I hadn't seen you for a while.

    I hope you are well and everything is ok and you are just having a bit of a blogging holiday. It would be good to see you back soon. x


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