Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grateful for.......Friends.

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Growing up, my family moved around a lot. So each time I had to start at a new school I would have to make a new group of friends...over and over again. As time went and on, it became more and more difficult. I became shy, reserved, hard to get to know.

At this stage of my life, things have started to change. Children are grounding. Most of my friendships are set in stone. And I'm really grateful for all of the friends I am now lucky to have.

I'm grateful for the little group of friends I've started to make in my tiny section of the blogging world. Friends that pop in and visit me. Friends who leave lovely, encouraging comments. I lack courage in this aspect of my life, but with lovely supportive people coming over, I'm getting braver everyday.

I have friends who I don't see as often as I should. Perhaps because of distance, or crazy schedules, or life getting in the way. But, the great thing is, when I do see them it's like we've never been apart. We pick up where we left off. Like we saw each other yesterday.

Then, there is the wonderful group of friends whom I see nearly everyday. Friends I catch coffee with. Friends I chat to at the school gate. We have BBQ's, picnics, the kids play at each others houses. We all 'get' each other, have similar interests, are at a similar stage of our lives. Best of all, we support each other in times of need.

I have friends I'm related to. There are two in particular. Crazy, annoying, hilarious. They rock my world.

Of course, I have my best friend. The one I'm married to. My soul mate.

So, this week it's all about my friends. I'm grateful for each and every one of you for so many different reasons. Thank you.

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  1. I particularly love the school gate mummies, at every preschool, school & high school, 9 different ones, very different groups of mums but we always have something in common - our children, a great place to start a friendship. I have amazing friends, i never moved as a child (rare for a Navy family) & since marrying a soldier, have lived all over the place but i know if i'm going to Sydney i can ring up a bunch of girls for a great night out. I love that we're all so different with amazing lives.
    I hope your head cold doesn't hang around, wishing you well & when i say i'm taking the weekend off, that of course, includes spending 4 hours picking up & delivering children all over Canberra after a slumber party, in the pouring rain & freezing winds, with exhausted 10 year old girls, plus my other children, fun, very relaxing!! Yawn, love Posie

  2. oh that is so true, friends are so important.
    poping over via maxabella :)

  3. Friends are such a great asset to have. True friends are hard to find but such a blessing.

  4. Friends are the flowers that decorate our world :) Great post!

  5. A very deserving thing to be grateful for!
    It's interesting how there's different "tiers" of friends isn't it?
    I also have friends that I only see perhaps once every two or three years because they live interstate or because our respective lives don't allow much time for catching up, and it amazes me how you can not see someone for so long, yet once you're together you'd never know it had been that long! I believe those are the friends who are my closest, the ones I don't need to talk to or see very frequently to remain close with each other.

  6. Lene, I moved around a lot too growing up (14 schools in all and that was to y10!) so I understand what you mean. it took me a long time to get out of the "habit" of moving on, and allowing people to get close to me. It was only until my very persistent friend of now 21 years wouldn't let me move on that I learnt how to let people in. I'm so glad I did though. It meant that I now have an amazing group of people that are close to my heart.


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