Thursday, September 15, 2011

Most Embarrassing Moments......

I think that some people have a real knack for embarrassing themselves. A real talent for doing things that can only be described as stupid. For creating a scene or planting their foot firmly in their mouth.

I am one of these people.

It sometimes seems that my life can be summed up as one mortifying moment after another.

The time I wet my pants in front of the entire class in Grade teacher had refused to let me go to the toilet before my speech so I weed in front of everyone. From that time onward the kids in that class called me "Wee Willie Wee Wee".This moment is seared across my brain forever, Thank you Mrs Ogilvy.

When I had to perform in a high school drama class and kept wondering why everyone in the audience was sniggering at me.... I didn't find out until I had finished that I had a split in my pants and my floral, frilly undies were on display to 45 high school students.....nice.

I've had massive fails falling off podiums in night clubs (many, many years ago) I've called people by the wrong name, I've let loose with insignificant rubbish in the middle of important conversations. I've told jokes that simply aren't funny.

As I got older my ability to make a spectacle of myself lessened. But only because I had learnt to keep my head down, to fly beneath the radar, to never put myself 'out there'.

Recently though, I've become a bit more confident and a little less inclined to worry about what other people think......which means I am once again 'out there' to make a fool of myself.

I was shopping with my sister recently and she had chosen an outfit to try on. She ducked into one of three change rooms and I poked my head into the room she was in to see how she was going...."Oh, that looks really nice on you' I cooed, looking down at the gorgeous outfit on my sister....only to look up and realise it wasn't my sister at all....I was 'checking out' the body of a complete stranger!

Unfortunately there were no holes nearby for me to curl up and die in.

Luckily I don't have to run into that lady on a daily basis...unlike another recent incident where the person I embarrassed myself in front of is someone I see quite often.......

Once again we were at a children's birthday party....we attend these on a frighteningly regular basis. I had noticed that one of the toddlers in the group had wandered into the public toilet on his own, his Mum was some distance away so, being nearby, I poked my head into the loo to call the little guy back outside. Unfortunately one of the Dads from the party was in there at the time........Although I apologised profusely afterward I still hang my head in shame every time I see the poor man. I swear he must think I'm a pervert.

I'm sure there are more moments I could share, but I'd be carrying on well into next week to name them all, so we'll stop at that shall we?

So, come on spill it. If you have ever had a totally mortifying moment I want to hear about it. Just so you can help me feel a little better!


  1. Oh, that's funny Lene! You crack me up! LOL I've got a terrible habit of foot in mouth disease in cyber space. Even thorough editing before I press the 'enter' key can't stop me from saying things online without thinking about them first. I think I still prefer the old fashioned way of speaking to people face to face. Maybe I wasn't cut out for electronic media. LOL

    Anne xx

  2. Hmm, I think you might have already heard most of mine. I am however out later today so the chances are I'll have a new story to tell pretty soon :)

    ps I wet myself in front of the class aged 4 for the same reason. Thanks Mrs Robinson (there are some people you just NEVER forget aren't there)

  3. I peed on my dad's shoulders once. He was giving me a shoulder ride, and I was too shy to tell him I needed to pee. That was embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as your stories! While I'm sure its painful to you, it's very endearing.

  4. Oh dear, I did a lotof similar things... Most scarred was peeing in the classroom (similar age) had to have a big piece of paper under me for the remainder of the day, but the nightclubs - at least I was too drunk to care!!!


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