Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm Just a Girl......

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This morning despite the usual rush and chaos that ensues on a typical Monday morning, I did manage to notice that once again my car tyre was looking despondently flat.

I say 'once again' because it's about the fourth time in the last week that Hubby has dragged out the compressor and pumped the damn thing up.

Now, I can hear quite clearly what you are thinking. What doesn't she get the thing fixed? Driving around with a flat tyre isn't the smartest thing in the world. Surely this girl has some semblance of common sense?

I was of course well aware of what needed to be done. But once again, I was doing what I always do when something needs fixing. I played my 'helpless female' card. The card I play way too often. The card I play when  I really don't want to know. Or I simply can't be bothered. Or I more commonly than not think "Hubby can do it'

Shameful isn't it?

'Darling' I coo, with a flutter of my eyelashes. 'Can you get my tyre fixed for me?'
'Sweetie' I breathe in my sultriest voice, 'Can you take the car down to get petrol?'
'Honey' I titter, with a girly flick of my hair 'Can you fix the clothes line/ washing machine/ Mr 5's remote control car...etc etc'

I avoid mowing the lawn. I escape from trips to the tip. If there is any 'grunt work' to be done I'll elegantly skip into the kitchen and bake some scones.

And, if it's something that really, really needs to be done and I really, really don't want to know I'll do something that I'm not entirely proud of. Something that works a treat every time.

I'll turn on the tears.

I have no excuse for being this way. None at all. I grew up in a completely feminist household. My Dad was the only male amongst my sisters, my Mother and I. My Mum taught us that we could do anything. She is and always has been the ultimate go getter. Diminutive, eloquent and very, very tough.

I was bought up learning all sorts of skills that I doubt girls that I was friends with would have learnt. One of my earliest memories was of slaughtering a 'pet' lamb to roast on the spit. My sisters and I were expected to help...and help we did. We thought nothing of it, it was part of life. Another was our before school job of checking the possum traps (in NZ they are considered a pest) and subsequently the 'disposal' of any captured possums we may have encountered.

Girls are tough. That was our childhood motto. A motto I seem to have forgotten lately. A motto that I need to rediscover and teach to my spirited and independent daughters.

Even my name means 'strong little woman''s about time I started living up to it.


  1. Oh, I do the same Lene. Why not? It's not like we haven't got enough to do. It's more like I get 'the man' to do it so that he actually contributes to what goes on in the house. LOL

    Anne xx

  2. guilty... (she says ducking her head)

    every now and then I don't think it hurts to bat those eyelashes - makes our men feel needed.... lol

    Having said that, recently I got a flat tyre, and I had never changed a tyre in my 23 year driving life... I reached for my phone to dial RACQ and my 15 year old daughter jumps out of the car and proclaims "no way mum, WE can do this" and do it we did!! I felt very proud. :)

  3. Haha! I can totally relate to this! I refuse to do the mowing on the grounds that I am doing most everything else! But if even a light bulb needs changing I'll say: "Honey, can you go get the ladder?" in my sweetest voice! I think you are right. We need to start teaching our girls by our actions that we and they are tough!

  4. Love this. Its so true. Great
    Also from Kidspot. xxx From Emma Maker

  5. You know I think you're not only strong, I think you're incredibly smart and resourceful!!!

    I don't bat my eyelashes, nor do I put on the waterworks. I don't bother asking hubby to put together bikes, change lightbulbs or take the rubbish out. I do it all! I built the kid's beds (flat packed) whilst I was 6 months pregnant, I fix toys, I change tyres and I walk the damn dog. I don't think I'm strong, I actually think I'm stupid!! I think I'm going to have a crack at this whole eyelash batting and waterworks thing because if it gives me a break I'm definately up for it!

    Work smarter not harder! Love your work Lene, thanks for the tips. Jac xxx


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