Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Write On Wednesdays - The Internal Fight

Time for another Write On Wednesday! This week we have a brief from Author Kerri Sackville;
Write On Wednesdays

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 12 - The Fight. Kerri says:  I am a writer of non-fiction (for now, anyway). In my book 'When My Husband Does The Dishes...', I wrote a memoir of marriage and motherhood in as honest way as I knew how. In interviews, I was constantly asked how I felt about revealing so much about myself, and how I knew where to draw the line. I always answered the same way. Every single thing I wrote in that book was 100% true, because without my truth, I had nothing to offer. However, the book didn't represent 100% of the truth, just as my blog doesn't represent 100% of the truth. There are personal details of my life, my husbands life and my kids' lives that I will never reveal, because we all need to to keep something for ourselves. And that's the key to writing good non-fiction - or one of the keys. You have to be honest, because without honesty, your work won't speak to people. You have to be fearless, because restraint in writing can be perceived. But that doesn't mean that you have to bare your entire soul. Choose what you want to share, choose what is relevant to your story. But make sure that what you choose to share is real, and true. 

The exercise today is to write a story from your life. And remember: it has to be 100% true, but it doesn't have to be 100% of the truth. There's a difference. The keywords are: The Fight

When the prompt came up for this week’s WOW I immediately knew what I wanted to write about. The reason why it has taken me a few days to get to the actual exercise is because I’ve been putting it off. Writing about this event in my life is something I’ve wanted to do for ages, but the thought of it makes my heart race and my palms sweaty. I know that to actually convey the emotion of this moment is going to take a rather large toll on me.
So,  here I go, nervous....but ready.

I hear the words as though are coming from far away. They echo around in my head. Meaning nothing...... Meaning everything.  My heart rate accelerates, pounding so loudly I think that at any moment it will jump right through my chest and die agonisingly on the floor. Taking my life with it.  I feel the sweat break out across my forehead. My hands shake, my mouth is dry.
And still the words echo, loudly, refusing to go away. I try to comprehend what it is he said. Trying to understand what this means. To us, to our little world. Safe, secure and idyllic....suddenly shattered....all because of those few words.
I sway on the spot. Dizzy with disbelief and shock. My hands grip the table in front of me so I do not fall. My knuckles are white with the pressure.
For a few moments I feel as though I'm going to explode, as though the emotions are going to come pouring out of me, like a torrent is about to be unleashed.
I quickly recede inside myself, into the warm cocoon of my mind, where his voice cannot reach me. A numbness steals over me, blotting out the hurt and anguish.
But I know I can’t hide in here forever.......floating, momentarily in warm light.........
With deep, steadying breaths. I resurface.
I turn to look at him, my face streaked with tears, my composure regained.
‘Get out’ I whisper, my voice barely audible.
‘Get Out!’


  1. Beautiful Lene, very emotive and powerful. Beautifully written, almost poetic. I want to know more, i really want to read the next bit! xx Sannah

  2. Well written. You conveyed the moment the cracks appear and the dream is shattered so well. All that is safe and familiar is whipped away in seconds. Horrible story but wonderfully told! :)

  3. You describe that moment so well Lene. The shock, the inability to process what's happening. The complete withdrawal into a safer place.

    Beautifully written.

  4. Wow - that was powerful. I was fully hooked.

  5. Wow, yes very powerful words.
    The physicality of it all.
    I like that you did not give it all away like the prompt suggested.
    100% of the truth but not 100% of the story.
    It is much more powerful not knowing exactly what was said.
    Thankyou for sharing x

  6. Awesome job. I also wanted to know what happened next, or what caused it. Powerful words, wonderfully written.

  7. Agreed.. powerful piece.. I too want to know what caused this range of emotions to happen.

  8. Ooh, very good. All that anger, the clinging to the table. And you've left me wanting to know more. Great job.

  9. Gosh Lene. That nearly sounds exactly like how I was feeling in my story this week. I hope it's not the same reason as my story. Terrible that you had to endure that pain. I really felt that.

    Anne xx

  10. This is heart wrenching. You did a great job in writing it.

  11. I could feel my heart pound while reading your piece. The emotion that you provide is about pain. Very well written.....I would love to know more!!

  12. So well written. The sense of shock is palpable, the struggle to remain composed, the fury at the end in just two words! Really well written!

  13. ‘Get out’ I whisper, my voice barely audible.
    ‘Get Out!’

    Just the perfect ending to this piece. SOFT yet so POWERFUL. Very well written I hope I can do too.



  14. Commenting reaaaaallly late! Well done, do you feel any better for having written it now? The range of emotions was really intense.

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