Friday, August 26, 2011

Incentive for Toddlers.......

Ahhhh....bribery....Oops, I mean incentive.
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Today, as I trooped through the supermarket with Miss Tornado Two in tow. I found myself (when not stressed out of my brain trying to stop the little darling from casing the joint) contemplating the difference between shopping with baby #4 to shopping when the first two babies were small.

Now, I'm not saying the first two were perfectly behaved. They weren't. But maybe I handled them better. Maybe I still viewed the weekly shop with optimism rather than stone, cold dread. I just seemed to get through with my sanity intact and a much calmer demeanour. Nowadays I leave the place sweating and silently cursing the sweet faced child before me.

With child #1, I would pack a little lunchbox filled with organic snacks for my cherub to munch on. My distraction methods seemed to work, she seemed genuinely interested in where eggs come from and how milk is made. Miss TT however, couldn't give two hoots. She wonders what the milk would look like all over the floor. What happens when you throw a carton of eggs in the trolley? 'I helping Mumma' she says as she pulls a glass container of coffee off the shelf.

When strapped into the trolley where all  good toddlers  in supermarkets should be, she kicks and screams 'I get out! she hollers 'I get out!'

So I do it....I reach into my handbag and I pull out the old standby, the fail-proof, the good friend the lollipop.

With my older children I wouldn't have dreamt of it. They would munch away on their sugar-free, organic rice crackers with gusto. Miss TT takes one look at 'rabbit food' and lets her distaste be made abundantly clear to anyone in the vicinity.

Some may call it bribery....I prefer incentive....incentive to sit down, be quiet, and let your poor Mother do the shopping in peace.


  1. LOL Lene! My treat of choice (well, my son's choice) was a Kinder surprise. Biggest waste of money ever! The first one, the same. Organic seaweed rice crackers with hommous and fresh fruit all nicely cut up in a special little lunchbox. Not a word out of place. Ahhh, the memories! LOL

    Anne xx

  2. LOL I think that's why supermarkets are now open all hours... so mothers can shop in peace while the cherubs are home tucked up in bed asleep. In my experience, kids and supermarkets are a recipe for disaster. Every time.

    I went to the shops without my kids, wherever possible, but I do remember one time when my eldest threw himself on the floor in a tantrum because I refused to buy something he wanted... I just kept walking!

    All I can say is, good luck! :-)

  3. only a mother knows how to walk that fine line between incentive and downright bribery
    you seem to have it all sorted!

  4. Now I have that shirley temple song stuck in my head (on the goodship lollypop) sorryis it now stuck inyour head?

    If Bribery works, I say go for it. Touch wood, my daughter has always been relatively well behaved for grocery shopping (we wont mention that it may or may not have to do with buying cinnamon donuts before entering!)


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