Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet My Monsters!

Mr Endearing Eleven -
Sensitive, Responsible, Super-Smart, Math-Whiz, Caring, Loving, Tidy, Insightful

Miss Enthusiastic Eight-
Busy, Silly, Excitable, Talkative, Book-Mad, Cuddly, Humorous, Messy, Joyful

Mr Funny Five-
Kind-Hearted, Snuggle-Bum, Funny, Grumpy, Organised, Sweet, Perceptive, Tender

Miss Tornado Two-
Mischievous, Cheeky, Lovely, Trouble, Sparky, Determined, Quick, Hilarious, Social


  1. Cute!!!! Love the pics, love the little descriptions! I love how different kids are, even in the same family, same parents, from such an early age too!

  2. What a clever post! I'd love to steal this idea for some future date if that's ok? I love the idea of pointing out the special bits that make up who our kids are.

  3. Thank you both! Melissa Jane, feel free to do your own. I can't wait to read it! xx


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