Monday, August 15, 2011

Little People.

Two mornings a week I volunteer at Mr 5's Prep class. It's always a lovely experience. I help the children with their readers and teach them and test them on sight words. The most rewarding aspect of this little activity isn't the focus on learning however, it is the funny conversations I have with these little people. They are a mix of the vivacious, polite, shy, cheeky and brutally honest.

For instance; one little cherub informed me that "I smell just like Daddy", probably because I had to borrow Hubby's deodorant that morning after having run out of my own. Another informed me that I have 'big teeth', ummmmm, yes, yes I do, thanks for noticing. One likes to correct me. Another acts as though reading to me is the greatest torment of their little life.

Some are bursting at the seams to tell me every tiny nuance of their day. 'I ate breakfast this morning, I cleaned my teeth, the dog ran away, we had to chase it, I put my shoes on all by myself'. I love this. I love how the simplest things, the most mundane, come to life in a child's eyes. The excitement of just 'being' is infectious.

They show me their wobbly teeth, their grazed knees, the bruised apple in their lunch box, their love letter to the teacher. It's all beautiful, amazing, incredible. The joy on their little faces when they accomplish something new. The pride when you give them the accolades they so deserve.

The other day I received my own love letter from a little person in my son's class;

It now has pride of place on my fridge alongside the million other pieces of love from my own children.


  1. Oh, I love it too Lene. You must have a good class. Helping out in my daughter's class always make me think how lucky I am my kid's aren't complete monsters! LOL I also love the sense of pride in my daughter. She absolutely adores me being there and gets quite jealous if I talk too much to the other kids or help them out. It's kinda cute. Will be doing it all again with my son next year when he starts Prep.

    Anne xx

  2. My son is always so proud that I help out too. Every morning he says to me 'Are you helping today?', I always have to read to him first then he is happy to 'let' me read to his friends. Cheeky bugger!


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