Saturday, August 27, 2011

Grateful for......A Quiet Saturday.

Miss 8 is off visiting Grandma. Mr 5 is happily colouring in at the dining table. Miss Tornado Two is playing quietly with her dolls (!?) Mr 11 is at his Mum's and won't be making an appearance until later this afternoon.

The house is virtually silent.

I'm writing uninterrupted, sipping a leisurely and still hot cup of tea.

Which is unheard of. It's almost unnerving. It's eerie and weird.

Saturdays are usually a debacle. We rush off to Hockey at the crack of dawn. I have to bundle half asleep little people (admittedly often still in their PJ's) into the car. Breakfast is on the hop. Miss 8 puts on her shin pads, socks and shoes on the way.

When we eventually get there, (45 minutes later) I quickly dress the PJ clad monsters and then we're off to the hockey field to cheer on Miss 8.

Of course it's enjoyable watching the children participate in sport. Of course I love that Miss 8 adores it so much.
This week, there is no sport, the hockey season has finally drawn to a close.

 So, this morning I lay in bed much longer than usual and savoured my coffee. The children climbed all over me, requesting cuddles and kisses. I even managed to have a conversation with Hubby before he rushed off to work.

This week, I'm grateful for quiet Saturdays. The rush will be back on next year when sport starts all over again. But for now, it's relative peace and quiet (and housework....when I can be bothered!)

Admittedly this is my first 'grateful' post in a while due to the madness that was my Saturday. Hopefully I can participate a bit more now that I'm blissfully free!

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  1. I like the sound of the peace and quiet at your house! And a hot cup of tea! Be there in 10 :)

  2. I hope the rest of your Saturday was just as peaceful.


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