Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Slow Down.

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Driving home from my morning errands is usually a time for quiet reflection. Miss Two inevitably falls asleep in the car and I either listen to my favourite music or sit in silence. Contemplating, pondering, writing stories in my head. The scenery back up to where we live is breathtaking, the views are endless. This is the part I love the most...the slow meander into the hills and far away from everything.

Before I hit this little slice of tranquility however I have to survive the chaos of peak hour work and school traffic. People pushing, shoving, rushing. Tyres screech, horns honk. It's a pulsating, throbbing mass of barely concealed hysteria.

Usually I find myself detached from the whole scene. Basically because I don't really care. But today I do. Life is a fleeting, beautiful time of love and discovery. We rush through it. Jumping from one thing to the next. Always wanting more and more. Not appreciating each and every moment. The beauty of just being us. The beauty of just being alive.

Most days I ground myself. By looking at the scenery, by watching the clouds, by listening to the laughter of children. Today I am annoyed. My mind is occupied by other things; the to-do list, the scariness of bringing up children in today's world, my friend in need, the pressure of just getting by.

So, when I drove up and away from the craziness, I finally felt like I could breathe and take in my surroundings.

At home there is silence. Miss Two remains asleep and I listen to the bird song. I have a million things to do but right now there is just peace.

Today I'm going to take things gently. I'm going to appreciate what I have. I'm going to slow down.

What do you do to help slow down and appreciate life?


  1. I was hanging out the washing this morning, with that frantic dialogue going through my head... when I gently tapped myself on the shoulder and said shhh... enjoy the sunshine while you hang out the washing... listen to the birds, feel the breeze, just be.

    So I did.

    Like you I live at a place where the view is breath taking, sometimes I have to remind myself to stop and look at it.


  2. I've had those moments - funnily enough like Vicky, at the clothes line. My biggest trick is to just lift my shoulders right up, exhale and push them right down. That and hiding in my pantry ;)

  3. You're right Lene. It's just crazy, that morning rush. I find I slow down as soon as I get near nature and that could be doing something as simple as sitting in the backyard, listening to birds, looking at the blue sky.

    Anne xx

    PS Wanted to tell you I'm not a native of where your husband grew up. I was a northsider who would never live on the southside and well, here I am and we love it. Hubby is from Melbourne so he didn't care where we lived. xx

  4. I love to just empty my head every now and then. I escape to the river with my dog and find a quiet spot to just sit and throw sticks for him.

  5. Good on you for taking time to enjoy some peace and quiet in your day. It's so important.

    Just found your blog-it's lovely!

    Best wishes,


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