Friday, August 5, 2011

Completely Cuckoo.

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Most the time I go through life thinking that I'm relatively normal. I do normal things, I behave normally. I'm pretty sure I look fairly normal too. But then it'll occur to me that some of my behaviours, interests and habits are just a little....well....weird.

For example;

I like number plates. On cars......Yes, you read right.......number plates. I actually, um, memorise them. So, if you are someone I see on a regular basis it is quite likely that I have noted and memorised the number plate of your car. I promise it's not because I'm freaky and I'm trying to stalk you. I just like letters and numbers. Honestly.

I read the dictionary....and the thesaurus....for fun. I love words and I love discovering new words, unusual words, strange words and then learning to spell them. It's my inner geek desperately scrambling to get out.

I name things. Inanimate things. Things that don't move, or speak, or even have feelings. For instance my car has a name (what is it with me and cars?) Harriet. I've also named Hubby's car (Rudolph) the house (Ethel) and my, ahem, food processor (Freddie) I am a little in love with the food processor so as far as I'm concerned naming it is acceptable. I could carry on a little with all the things I've named but I'm getting worried you'll start thinking I'm bonkers.....or is it a little too late for that?

Coat hangers. I have a 'thing' about coat hangers. They MUST be all the same colour and they MUST all face the same direction. It's a matter of life or death really it is, considering that I'm quite slovenly with the rest of the housekeeping this habit of mine is definitely passing strange.

I'm scared of the Bogey man...still. I've been afraid of the dark as long as I remember so we always sleep with a light on somewhere in the house. I say it's for the children, but really it's for me. I also have to check under beds before we all go to sleep, in the cupboards, behind doors and anywhere else that the Bogey man may be hiding. I also sleep closest to the door....just in case I need to make a quick getaway.

So, there you have it. I've shared it all, spilled my soul, confessed to my perpetual weirdness. Please, please pretty please feel free to share any 'habits' of your own....just so I feel a little better.


  1. Oh dear Lene! What can I say? At least you're game enough to come out with all of that. There's not enough space in this Comment box for all the weird things I do. LOL I still love you anyway!

    I talk to my dogs like they're human, in fact before I had the kids my little Mini Foxie WAS my baby. I used to dress her up in little swimmers when we went to the beach etc. She even used to fly with us when we went interstate. I used to go through magazines and enter stories of interest into a database I created on the computer with a complex search field so I could find any story I wanted at any time. (Needless to say all that has stopped. Now I don't even get a chance to read a magazine! LOL)

    Anne xx

  2. Haha... I memorise and recall number plates and I name things too! The eTag in my car is named Fred and I know people by their cars!

    I don't have a thing about coat hangers but I DO have a thing about pegs. I have to use matching colours on a single garment and I would rather drop them on the grass than leave them on the line without a garment to 'peg' up.

    I think we're all a bit quirky in our own 'special' ways. :-)

  3. Oh, you are so not alone. I've done a couple of posts on the weird things I do and so many people have generously told me that I'm not bonkers, just normal. Seems we all have really odd quirks. I guess that's what makes us US! x

  4. Ohhhh you are not alone! I never call anyone by their real name, they all have nicknames. When i'm bored I count objects, anything, but they must add up to an even number (feel better? lol). I go crazy if I see a coat hanger the 'wrong' way, I hang things in order, like all the tshirts together, then jackets, then pants etc. I have issues lol Its hard being a perfectionist but I get by:)

  5. You are very very normal Lene!
    I also hang things in order, just like Blocks and Knocks! In fact, I think you'd be crazy NOT to, how else would you find the item you're after??
    I've been told my habit of smelling the pages of books, like, every few minutes when I'm reading one, is a bit strange, but I think there are lots of people who do that. As soon as I get my hands on a book, especially a brand new one, the first thing I do is open it and take a good whiff of it.....mmmmmm.

  6. I came here (very late) for WOW, and read this post first (and thought you were going to say you could see clocks winking at you all the time, too)... I can related to everything you said here, LOL, though I don't even remember everyones numberplate, but I do notice them. I love numbers (and am not good at maths, really) and look for patterns all the time!

  7. I love you even more now. DO you have a thing for pegs too?? I used to have to colour code them with what i was hanging, so my husband tossed them all & made me only use one style - wooden pegs only. I can't listen to the volume on a prime number, so we're all nuts, love Posie


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