Monday, August 1, 2011


Guilty as I feel to admit it, sometimes dropping my older children off at school is a blessed exercise. After they have all trooped off to their respective classrooms and I have delivered Mr 5 (in Prep) to his teacher, I almost feel like skipping on the way back to the car.

Miss Terrific Two clambers into her seat, I fasten her intricate seat belt and away we go. Music turned up loud (this morning it was Stevie Nicks - an oldie but a goodie) we cruise home at a reasonably leisurely pace.

I couldn't give two hoots about everyone else around me racing from here to there like a bunch of headless chooks, I have no reason to therefore I don't.

At home I walk into a state of organised chaos. Everything, of course, has a place....I just don't really care where that place is. My typical laissez-faire attitude to housework is evident everywhere. Beds made, albeit messily. Dishes rinsed, stacked in the sink...but unwashed. Floor un-vacuumed although the vacuum cleaner is in it's customary place - smack in the middle of the it looks like I'm 'about' to start cleaning. Toys are littered hither-tither around the house.

But nowhere is my slap-dash personality more evident than in the laundry. The Never-Ending pile sits there...waiting...waiting. It's a continuous cycle of wash, hang out, bring in, fold up, put away. Although I admit I don't really get much further than the 'bring in' stage.....Hence Mt Kosciwashko, a permanent fixture in our household.
To be honest...this is about a quarter of it, the rest wouldn't fit in the photo.
But, as usual, the mountain can wait. There are far more important things to do. Spending my morning playing with my darling Miss Two is one of, if you'll excuse me there are fairies to chase, pictures to draw and play dough to eat (!)

What is your least favourite household chore to partake in? Are you a clean freak or a laid-back housekeeper like myself? 


  1. Oh Lene! You crack me up! I'll even go one better and say that my walk back to the car after dropping kids at school and kindy is even slower as I don't have a 2 year old at home, nothing. No one! Yahoo! In all the chaos that is the weekend, I know I can enjoy peace and quiet come Monday morning (that is unless someone is sick which has been the case these last couple of weeks). I've done absolutely bloody nothing today and look at the time. I know what your washing pile looks like cause I have one exactly the same. I can't say I dislike one housework job more than another. My trouble is which is the one with the highest priority and getting started on it.

    Oh, is that the time? It's lunch time! (Yikes. I better go and do something or else it'll be time to pick those buggers up! LOL)

    Anne xx

  2. Oh I am so jealous, I miss being on maternity leave, I want to be at home again. I would much rather be at home cleaning up with Mia running around my ankles than at work!
    I think I dislike any of the outside chores the most - dog poo patrol, weeding etc. I wish I was a green thumb, really I do, the same as I wish I liked mushrooms. I can see that it would be nice to enjoy those things, and I've tried, but I just don't.
    My mum (the biggest clean freak ever) has said to me she's so happy to see that I put my time with Mia first, and would choose taking her for a walk over doing the vacuuming, because she was never able to bring herself to do the same with my sister and I.

  3. I LOATHE ironing!

    Loathe loathe loathe it!

    But I love your blog :)

    And have spent most of my son's sleep time today pouring through your blog.

    Thank you for an amazing ready :)


  4. Great post! Just how I feel! Monday is our daycare day so it's nice to just have the boys at home! And my washing always ends up in the same place - on the arm chair that no one can sit in because of all the washing!

  5. oh i have priorities and because I m more the laid back type I have also several list with things to do dailey, weekly and monthly. But the problem is: all the list are nice, but if i decide to don't do it i don't do it. .


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