Monday, August 29, 2011

Switched Off!

Yesterday I had the overwhelming desire to make cake. This longing is typical of me on a Sunday. I love nothing better than drinking tea and eating cake. Not just any old cake mind you.....Chocolate cake in particular is high on the list of most wanted in this household.

So, out came all the ingredients. As per usual I used my slap-dash method of cooking. Sort of a half hearted measure and in it goes. I know that contradicts all the golden rules of baking, but hey, it works for me.

Once I had chucked all the dry ingredients in one bowl, I then threw the butter and sugar in the other. Then I prepared to get busy with the hand held beater.

Trouble wouldn't work.


I undid the whirly thingos and then plugged them back in. I fiddled with the button whatsit on top. I shook it. I whacked it on the kitchen bench. I swore profusely at it.

Crap, crap, crap I muttered in fury. My third damn mixer this year. This is what I get for buying cheap rubbish, I reasoned.  I yelled out to Hubby that if he expected half decent food he was going to have to buy me a kitchen aid for Christmas. It's either that or divorce, I informed him in a temper.

So, 15 minutes of me cursing and yelling and then I finally resigned myself to mixing the darn cake by hand. While I used my puny arm muscles to beat the butter and sugar into oblivion, I had a moment of blinding clarity, one that made me just a bit shameful of the preceding 15 minutes of pure and utter stupidity.

I picked up the beater......and I plugged it into the wall.............!


  1. Hahahahahaha!!!! LOVE it! This is the kind of thing I do all the time!!!! Mmm, how is your chocolate cake though? I made one yesterday too!

  2. Thanks Daisy! The cake was divine. Totally worth the temper tantrum! Hope your cake was scrumptious too!

  3. Oh Lene! You're hilarious! I always mix my cakes by hand though. That's why I don't make anything too fancy or that requires too much beating. I usually find all I need to wash up when I bake is a half cup measuring cup, the mixing bowl and the whisk. I'll do anything to make it easy.

    Anne xx

  4. As long as you didnt tell your hubby about the slight power problem? You may still be in with a chance to get a kitchen aid for christmas!!!


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