Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Write On Wednesdays....Sunshine!

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 19 - Sunshine in a cup. Write the words of Emily Dickinson: "Bring me sunshine in a cup" at the top of your page. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Write the first words that come into your head after the prompt. Don't take you pen off the page (or fingers off the keyboard). Stop only when the buzzer rings! Do this exercise over and over if you wish. Write beyond 5 minutes if you like, you can link it up as an extra post.


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The clouds formed an ominous blanket over the world, shrouding it in darkness.
The little girl stood on her front porch, her face turned skyward, drops of rain tapping gently on her visage. Then, suddenly, her eyes widened with surprise and then joy. She watched the sky with awe, her face creased into a wide smile. A smile of innocent beauty.

She darted inside, flushed with excitement;
'Mumma! Mumma! Come and see, come and see!' the child's voice reached a high and piercing note. Her Mother, busy with a small baby, smiled knowingly at her daughter. She silently wondered what the child could be excited about now. A fairy in the garden? An imagined unicorn? Maybe a mermaid in the swimming pool?
'What is it now sweetie?' said her Mother as she followed her toward the front of the house.

Then, she saw it too. A single ray of light breaking through the clouds. It sparkled, it shone, it shimmered. Her eyes followed its glowing path to the point where it suffused the world with warmth and light.

'Mumma' said the little girl, her voice hushed with wonder,
'It's an angel fallen from heaven'

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  1. A sweet piece! Love the picture, too.

  2. Oh goosebumps! I love the way children view the world and you described it beautifully here! I could clearly see the image of the ray of light streaming from the clouds. Gorgeous!

  3. Awww, I got goosebumps too! I love that photo!

  4. I agree.. love how kids view the world and get excited about all the little things.. perfect way of capturing that!

  5. So sweet and quite impressive that you could create this story in five minutes! Great job!

  6. Beautiful story Lene!! I love the innocence of this piece. Lovely imagery!

  7. Wow! Beautifully done. Elegantly written, with a heart-warming ending. Lovely.

  8. Thanks everyone. I really enjoyed writing this piece. It was based on a conversation I had with my daughter when she was 4 (she is 8 now) I'm glad it came across as a happy, joyful piece.

  9. I thought this was based on real life. Lovely piece, Lene



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