Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh No! I think I'm a 'Stage Mum!'

Yesterday, Miss 8 and Mr 5 performed in their first ever major dance concert. It was at The Arts Centre on the Gold Coast and on stage in front of a rather large group of people.

Now, not one of my fabulous four attend any sort of dance school or dance training. They are unfortunately as uncoordinated and musically inhibited as what I am. Every one of us have two left feet. When we dance we look like a bunch of deranged ostriches.

My son's Prep teacher had other ideas however. Lovely lady that she is, she seems to have extreme faith in my darling children's non-existent ability. As the school's dance teacher she was full of enthusiasm that my little robotic, out of time monsters would somehow be able to perform admirably.

So, along with a whole bunch of other little (gorgeous) Preps, Grade 1's, 2's and 3's they went thorough weeks and weeks of rehearsals to reach the climax of their performance last night.

We were at rehearsals for a good portion of the day yesterday. My children were introduced to the wonderful world of dancing on the stage. They handled it well for little people who have never really been exposed to anything like that before. I, however, wasn't quite so composed. Everytime they appeared on stage, my heart would hammer, I would start sweating, tears would begin to form in the corner of my eyes. Then, I would start cheering. Yes, embarrasing 'Stage Mom' that I have suddenly become I couldn't help myself. My babies would alight the stage and I would start carrying on like a raving lunatic.

The performance last night was marvellous. I could not quite believe that this admirable teacher managed to get such a large group, made up predominatly of 5 and 6 year olds (and my Miss 8) to perform so well. But they did.

Although I had to seriously restrain myself from screaming hysterically I did succumb to tears of pride and of course, some rather well-behaved cheering (I was sitting next to my MIL after all)

So, it may be that was my first and last opportunity to be a 'Stage Mom'. Being the complete and utter shameless OTT cheerleader for my children that I am, I have to admit...I loved every second of it!


  1. That's so sweet Lene. I think I'm exactly the same. Last night my daughter's school had a music and art show and we got there right at the end of the music part, in time for the last song. My daughter took my son up. There he was large as life, front and centre, making up words to the song as he went along, rockin' and swayin' from side to side. It was so cute. I was the same. Laughing and grinning like a cheshire cat. They do that to us sometimes, don't they?

    Anne xx

  2. Aww, I just love those moments Lene. I'm the same Completely unadulterated, embarrassingly bursting with pride at those sorts of things :)

    (It has in fact reminded me of something that happens a few years ago that I may just have to write about at some point.)

  3. That's a wonderful story! Lovely moments and memories. I don't have any children yet, but I have a younger brother who is a pitcher and every time he takes the mound, I am anxious, excited, and so proud all at the same time :)


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