Thursday, October 6, 2011

An 8 year old Fashionista!

Today was free dress day at my children's school (or as a friend says 'pay dress day' as we all are expected to make a donation)

Anyway, I digress; today was free dress day at school.

Mr 5 was up at the crack of dawn as always. He quickly choose some appropriate clothing...jeans, long sleeved shirt, jacket...and was off to eat breakfast.

Easy, not a problem, stress free, argument free, just dress and go.

Miss 8 on the other hand was a different story. It was a debacle more fitting to a temperamental teenager rather than an 8 year old girl.

I had already put out some clothing that I deemed appropriate for her age and the weather. She poo-pooed them as soon as she saw them on the end of her bed.

'Mu -um!' she sighed in her best exasperated 'you don't know anything' voice.
'I can't wear stuff like that! I'll look like a baby!'

What's wrong with a shirt and jeans? That's what I want to know.

I hastily pulled out another outfit. Long top and leggings.

"I wore that last free dress day Mum!' she exclaimed in her best 'you don't remember anything' voice.

Scavenging through her wardrobe I came across a pretty dress.

'No one wears clothes like that Mum! It's not fashionable!' said Madam in her best 'do I really have to put up with such stupidity?' voice

That was it.
I had had enough.
'Choose your own clothes then' I huffed and flounced out of the bedroom.

Two hours (exaggeration) and 45 outfits later (exaggeration) she emerged from her room wearing precisely the outfit I had originally picked out for her. She looked at me with her best 'don't you dare say anything' look. I looked back at her and smiled.
'You look lovely darling' I said soothingly....
 But secretly...what I wanted to say was.....

'Nah, nah, nah-nah, nah, told you so!'


  1. Don't tell me stuff like that Lene. Mine is only 7 next month and is starting to show signs of this kind of behaviour. I'm always getting "Oh Mum, don't you know anything" or "Mum, that's not how it's done/said/worn/*insert any word*". LOL

    Anne xx

  2. Oh I know those looks well! Funnily enough, my Miss 7 and I had a very similar incident with "Free Dress Day"and ending up wearing my choice of clothing. Ha ha.

  3. oh dear mine is only 1 - she'll be saying this for sure.
    I have terrible fashion sense.
    Thanks for the insight.


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