Saturday, October 15, 2011

The make everything better fairy.

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I have a fairy. No, really I do. She's the 'Make everything better fairy'. Unfortunately for the poor dear I rely on her quite a lot to wave her magic wand and fix all the problems in my little world......

Feeling unappreciated?
Children being ratbags?
Deprived of sleep?
Grumpy spouse?
Squashed under the massive load of unfolded washing?
Deprived of Internet access?

Just pay a visit to said fairy and the day will seem brighter, the worries will melt away and you can face the world again.

Now, the 'Make everything better fairy' is in great demand. Seems that her reputation for fixing things has become widely known. There are others in far greater need than I. But somehow my fairy has time for everyone.

Sometimes I wonder, 'Who makes everything better for my fairy?' Should I pull out my magic wand, dust it off and attempt to wave it in her direction? Isn't it only fair that after years of her fixing everything for me that I should reciprocate?

So, I'm pulling out my 'How to be a better fairy' book, I've found my wand and I'm dusting up my skills. Because one day, my fairy friend, when you need me, I'm going to be there for you too.

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  1. I like the sound of this fairy person. Can you tell me where I can buy one too :O)

  2. Lene thank you. I needed this right now. It made me laugh out loud. x

  3. Ahh yes. The 'make it better fairy' Lene. She lives under my house with Mr "I don't know", the guy who breaks toys, makes a mess, spills drinks, doesn't flush the toilet, leaves water all over the bathroom floor and many more. (You know the drill. LOL)

    Have a good one my love!
    Anne xx

  4. Well if a giggle makes everything better, you've done that for me!! I like the procrastination fairy & her sister, repression fairy. Love Posie

  5. This fairy chick sounds like someone I should get to know. Do you hire her out?

  6. Love it - can I schedule her / you in every Tuesday and Thursday?


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