Monday, October 10, 2011

The Chore Bore....

If there is one thing that is kind of 'expected' of a Stay At Home Mum - besides taking care of the children - would be to keep home and hearth neat, tidy, pristine.

Although that doesn't seem to happen in this household.

You see, I don't like housework. Quite frankly, I find it boring, hideously strenuous and a complete and utter waste of time.

It's a waste of time because the minute after I clean something up it all seems to be back again moments later. Mess, mess and more mess...all caused by those darling little creatures called children.....

Case Study #1:

Mr 11....

Quite possibly the tidiest of the four....although has the tendency to hide all his clean/dirty clothes under his bed in an untidy jumble. Either because he can't be bothered to put the clean ones in his draws or he can't be bothered to put his dirty dacks in the laundry.

Case Study #2:
Miss 8.....

Although she is a mean creator of fabulous meals in the kitchen, her clean up afterwards leaves a lot to be desired. Same goes with the clean up in her bedroom, or after she's been in the bathroom....or anywhere really. Money is the one and only motivator for this sassy young lady.

Case Study #3:

Mr 5........

Although every one of his toy cars may be precisely lined up in his bedroom, doesn't mean that he plays the same game when it comes to tidying anything else up. Typically this little guy has a strategy if he's asked to help with any job whatsoever....and that is to run away and hide....and you know what? It seems to work for the miniature monster.

Case Study #4:

Miss Tornado Two....

She's cute...and therefore exempt from anything other than being damn gorgeous.

Case Study #5:

The Mumma......

Bone-idle lazy. Adept at making cups of tea and reading large novels. Doesn't like any housework that requires effort. Quite talented at batting eyelashes at he does all the work. Amazing at making a huuugggee mess in the kitchen...and leaving it for the aforementioned spouse.

Case Study #6:

The Hubby....

Poor Bastard.


  1. Hi Lee, I hear you! My boy is very anal about lining his toys up etc and won't put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Don't even get me started on the husband and daughter! LOL

    Anne xx

  2. I am not a clean freak, but I do like a tidy house. Alas, I too lack the motivation to make this happen all of the time. Kids certainly don't help the situation.

  3. Hahah loved the ending! The picture goes so well with "Poor bastard". :D

  4. Hey at least you are honest.
    The kids have a day of daycare - so I can actually clean the house! Almost cheaper than a cleaner!
    Amazing at how quick it gets done with noone here and when I have a heap of other mummy things I want to do!
    But alas, it is messy within the hour of them being home - but at least it is "clean".


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