Thursday, October 13, 2011

How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways....

1. When I wake in the morning and the first one I see is you. You smile your little pixie smile and reach out to brush my cheek with your hand. My heart lights up with the joy that is you.

2. We cuddle and snuggle to greet the day. You slurp up your favourite drink (Milo) and look so cute with your little milk moustache.

3. I have a shower and without fail you will join me. I pick you up and you nestle your head into my shoulder. I cover your little face in kisses.

4. You choose your favourite outfit for the day. As long as it's pink and has frills and ruffles you are happy.

5. We take the big kids to school. You greet everyone with a cheery smile. People are enchanted by your verve for life, your cheeky nature. You walk into your brother's classroom like you own it. The teacher smiles knowingly.

6. The first tantrum of the day. Although your arms are flailing and your face is red from the exertion of yelling I scoop you up in my arms. 'It's OK' I mutter while I quietly shush your cries and wipe your tears.

7. I watch you play with your dollies. You love them and cuddle them. One day you will make a wonderful Mummy.

8. 'Mumma, Mumma' you jabber in your cute little language 'My eat a appie?'
'Yes, darling you can have an apple'

9. Music is playing and you bop away happily. Dancing to a rhythm all of your own

10. Asleep and oh, so beautiful. I watch you for a moment, gently breathing, your eyelashes flutter.

I love you my darling.


  1. Oh Lene. That's so cute! Love it!

    Anne xx

  2. Squueeee! She's so lovely Lene. She reminds me a little bit of my Mia :)
    You're a nice Mum, picking her up and giving her cuddles when she has a tanty. Mia's tanties are so frequent that my response now is to ignore her in the hope she gets the picture soon, haha.

  3. Oh those special cuddles - not knowing if we are going to have more children.
    I am appreciating these type of moments with my little precious girl too.


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