Friday, June 17, 2011

The Tweenager

We stare at each other across the room. Both of our eyes are narrowed in silent fury. We don't speak, we don't move, we just stare. It's a battle of wills, a fight of the mind....and she's winning. I feel myself deflating like a balloon, curling up in defeat, losing my purpose, my resolve.

Anyone think this would be a typical Mother/Daughter scene. And of course you may have made the assumption that my daughter is well into her teens. Not the case, sorry, and I'm saying sorry more to myself than anyone else. Truth be told my daughter is only 8 years old.

I'm not quite sure exactly when it happened or how it happened. It sort of crept up on me, king hit me when I wasn't looking. My beautiful, smart, funny and adoring child no longer looks at me as a pillar of perfection, she no longer regards me as all that is good and true. (Unlike Mr 5, see Wednesday's post) She sees what is really going on here; me pretending to know what I'm doing....because really I don't have a clue.

Now, I'm not saying that she's running amok. She's perfectly behaved at school, she mostly does what she is told at home. But it is all done with a mix of defiance and attitude. Her eyes roll when I tell a joke, she thinks my fairy stories are passe, and don't get me started on my random dancing and singing around the house......"Mum, you're sooooo embarrassing."

Maybe I'm a little zanier than the usual Mum? Maybe she has every reason to think I'm a touch foolish? But to be truthful every time she scowls at my antics my heart breaks just a little.

We've been through so much together. There was a time when she was all I had and I was everything to her, the centre of her little world just as she was the centre of mine.
She still is of course, my world had just grown to encompass several other little (and big) people.

My first baby is growing up, she starting to set off into the world. I'm not her biggest influence anymore. She no longer thinks I'm the most wonderful person alive. I guess I'm OK with that. I guess that it has to happen sooner or later and she may just be an early riser.
There are times though, when it all comes racing back, when she climbs into my lap for a cuddle and I hold her and I capture a moment when she is mine...all mine.
And I remember that time, the time when everything was black and she was the singular ray of the way.


  1. Girl Child is almost 8. Somedays my life is t]liek this too. There is attitude and defiance when asked to do things put things away or get ready for school.

    Thanks goodness they still need us sometimes. Becuase those cuddles can help make dealing with the attitude worthwhile.

  2. Thanks E, It's nice to know I'm not the only one dealing with the 'early teens', Although the times when she needs me are few and far between I'll savour the moments in which she does. I hope she realises that I'm always there for her, no matter what.

  3. Oh - this makes me want to cry. My elsdest is almost 12, my princess, she is still wearing girly clothes and reading fairy books. We have been very sheltering and she is about to begin year 7 next year. I feel your pain, and I hope our journeys don't get any more challenging! Lovely to 'meet' you!
    Rach x

  4. motherhood is so bittersweet at times...

    My "little girl" is 15 now and my heart still marvels and wonders at her, and my head is still getting used to her not being that small tiny being placed in my arms, and instead being this amazing young woman in front of me...

    Wish I could say it gets easier... all I will say is its an interesting journey. The best books I have read that have helped pave the way have been Celebrating Girls and Embracing Persophone both by Virginia Beane Rutter.

    (loving this blog hopping. finding some brilliant blogs along the way... )


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