Saturday, June 18, 2011

Strawberries & Sunshine

This week I'm grateful for.............

Little Miss Tornado Two has had a rough week. Temperatures, Runny nose, A nasty cough, Whinging, Whining and the yuckiest poos I have ever,ever seen.

She hasn't eaten properly in days. She has barely had the energy to play. As much as I complain about her vivacious and sparky nature, I really missed her usual exuberance.

This morning, however, she's back. Cheeky, naughty, funny. This morning she sat in the sunshine and had the first real thing to eat in days........strawberries. Sweet, juicy, yummy (expensive) strawberries. I rejoiced.

So today I'm grateful for Strawberries & Sunshine.......if only those explosion poos would stop I could write a post about that too.

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  1. I can so relate to this. Have had 3 kids and a husband sick this week!

  2. @ trudi- It's that time of year isn't it? Every year Winter approaches and I hope and pray we will get thorugh unscathed, but with four children it's practically impossible!

  3. So glad to hear she is feeling better. We all been sick this week with flus and spews. Been a really tough week. I'm trying to get everyone to eat loads of fresh stuff - because that has to help! Thanks for visiting me - returning and following you now:)

  4. Yuk! Poor little darling! Glad she's having a better morning though :) Those pig tails are to cute!

  5. Oh she's just soooo cute Lene!! I just want to squeeze her.....and steal some of those strawberries too lol!!
    Glad to hear she's feeling better xx

  6. I'm glad she's okay - she looks very content and happy in the photo!! x

  7. Hi Lene! She's so cute. I guess if you think about being 'grateful' for the 'explosive' nappies, the alternative isn't so nice. My little boy, when he was 2 was always suffering from constipation, which wasn't very nice. I would've done anything for a loose bowel for him!

    Both of my kids are craving strawberries at the moment but we're waiting a couple of weeks. The guy at the fruit shop around the corner said they were over $9 a punnet at the Rocklea markets the other day. That's ridiculous!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    Anne xx

  8. everyone seems to have runny noses, coughs etc. glad your little one is starting to feel better! Always nicer to have them in cheeky mode, rather than sick :)

  9. eeeeek!! Yuk poos on top of it all..
    Naughty cheeky always win!! It drives you nuts at the time and it's times like this that make you realize that naughty is faaar easier to deal with ..

  10. @ Caz- I also think fresh is always the best when illness is around! I love fresh fruit when I'm unwell and also chicken nourishing! No wonder Miss 2 was craving yummy fresh strawberries!
    @ Daisy, Roo & Two - I love the pigtails too! She has only just started to let me do her hair and I just love it!
    @ Jacqui- She's definitely squeezable! Especially when she's back in cheeky/naughty mode! I hope your little man is on the mend too.
    @ Maxabella - Her first content day in a week or so, thank goodness! Thanks for stopping by!
    @ Kamana - Thanks! xx
    @ Anne - Hi! Thank goodness that today she is actually doing (nearly) normal ones. A strange thing to be thankful for the clearing up of explosion poo's but they were really horrific!

    I couldn't believe the price of strawberries either, but I was desperate for her to eat something good so I paid up!

    @ Cathy- She is so much nicer in cheeky mode, rather than clingy and crying. Now the older children have all started with the runny noses so I guess it's just the beginning.
    @ kasiabear - The yucky poos really topped off my week! I really appreciate her being back in her usual two year old terrors...I don't know how long it will last for though!
    Thanks for visiting!


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