Monday, June 6, 2011

For the love of....Cookbooks.

Today I'm going to start sorting out my collection of Cookbooks.......And when I say collection, I mean it, I've probably collected about 60 of them far.
     I love Cookbooks - reading about food is one of my all time favourite pleasures. I research meals and treats for my family and I dream. Dream of the food I could be cooking, I should be cooking, the food I would love to cook. Despite not having the ability to create some of the items presented in these gorgeously photographed and created books, despite not having the funds necessary to achieve this dream......dream I do. But I find the books I love the most are the ones that are practical and achievable and that is why they are my favourites.

I adore Nigella Lawson; there is something about her attitude about food and her cooking philosophy that I just "get". Most of her dishes are just good, traditional food - tasty, easy, yum! The Cookbooks that I currently have in my possession of the lovely Miss Lawson aren't technically mine though...they are kind of on an extended loan thanks to a good friend of mine (I will return them, I promise, soon!)

I have quite the stack of books by the ever-enthusiastic Jamie Oliver, whom I also love. I love his verve and passion. I love that I can flick to almost any page of one of his books and find something that a) I have the ingredients for & b) is easy and delicious. I started compiling his books ten years ago....and I'm still going!

The remainder of my hoard is an eclectic mass of various books by various cooks/chefs. I've picked them up here and there; garage sales. op shops, cheap shops, book stores, online and handed down from my Mother and Mother In Law. From the vintage 70's and 80's books - full of the typical 'retro-cool" fare from that era that I love; to the newest, shiniest, prettiest offering from the latest 'celebrity' I love them all.

So, what are your favourite Cookbooks and why? (So I can secretly covet them!)


  1. hmmm...I tend to collect cook books too even though I don't tend to use them all that often! I don't have one favourite but have favourite recipes from each I guess i'm a dreamer too...wish I had a personal chef so that I could just point to a page and say "that's what I would like for breakfast/lunch/dinner" hehe. I've heard Jamie Oliver's cookbooks are easy to follow etc...should invest in some!

  2. They are easy to follow, I think they're a godsend! Luckily the kids quite like his food too. Sometimes when I'm over cooking three times a day, seven days a week I dream of a personal chef, and then reality comes crashing down like a tonne of bricks!


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