Friday, June 24, 2011

A little old lady....

On my birthday morning, amongst all the love and snuggles I received, I kept detecting a feeling of concern radiating from the lovely and sensitive Mr 5.

He kept staring at me and frowning. Worry was etched all over that wide-eyed and innocent face of his. He was distracting me from the all important tasks of opening presents and enjoying my coffee.

Finally I gave in and looked down at the little guy, who was snuggled up next to me in bed;
'What's up mate?'
'Mummy?' he asked 'How many are you?'
'I'm 32 buddy'
'Oh,' he paused momentarily before continuing 'So, you're old then'
'Well, not really buddy' I answered, slightly affronted.
'But you're getting have those crinkly things' he points all over my face,
'They're called wrinkles, and I don't have that many'
'Yeah you do - they're all around your eyes and stuff'
'Oh, thanks mate, point taken'
Then the little bugger sighs. Very theatrical, very melodramatic.
'It's just too bad you're going to die soon' Is his parting statement before he rushes off to wreck havoc elsewhere.

I sit dumbstruck by the conversation I've just engaged in. I had no idea that in my early thirties I'd be entering into old age, that I'd be on death's door, but apparently, (according to the ever-knowledgeable Mr 5) it's true.

Happy Flipping Birthday to me.


  1. Oh kids are priceless aren't they?

    I hope you had a great day anyway. :-)

  2. My daughter talked about death a lot around that age too. I guess its the age they become aware. Remind him you are aging gracefully.

  3. ouch... good lord what would he think of my ripe old 41??

    does it help that my four year old said to me the other day "Mummy your've got a fat tummy because you are eating too much food."

    Hope you had a lovely day ... regardlesss of the musing of your little man...


  4. Oh Lene! You poor 'old' thing! LOL Aren't they funny? Just think when you're in your 40's your son will be 20 and he'll think you're the hippest, coolest Mum. I'll be 60 and an old bag! (Not that I aren't already an old bag. I get called my kid's grandmother all the time! LOL)


  5. He! He! Thank you all so much! I honestly didn't take this too seriously, Hubby and I were nearly in hysterics afterward...funny little guy! I really hope that as he gets older he thinks that I'm a cool, hip Mum Anne, but i have the feeling he'll think i'm a daggy one - just like his sister does!

  6. lol love the way kids' minds work :) Happy birthday, old woman :)
    p.s. i'm older


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