Friday, June 10, 2011

Risky Business

Should come with a warning sign!
With the weather being absolutely bloody freezing I seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time asking (or rather harassing) my small people to dress warmly. Yesterday in particular was one of the coldest days in history; so on the return from the frozen wonderland that is my children's school we all resembled human icy poles. I then proceeded to nag persuade the children to rug up nice and warm. You know appropriate clothing for winter on the Gold Coast......beanies, jumpers, jackets, gloves, scarves, track pants and socks....most importantly socks. I have a firm belief that if the feet are attired warmly then the rest of the body will follow suit. So I coerced the children into wearing their thermal socks (despite all the whinging, moaning and groaning)

The thing about socks though is that they are slippery - especially when running down a tiled hallway at full tilt - which is exactly what Miss 8 decided she was going to do. Miss 8 seems to have developed a rather charming knock-kneed awkwardness that seems dominant in pre-teens. So, when she went for her little slide up the hallway her gangling arms and legs were all over the place and then smack! She hit the tiles face first like a sack of potatoes. Elegant it wasn't, funny it was. And terrible mother that I am....I laughed...a lot.

It wasn't until I actually picked up the poor child sprawled on the ground (and listening to her Mother's sadistic laughter) that I realised there was something wrong other than wounded pride....there was also a fair amount of blood.
    At further inspection it was discovered that the face plant into the cold and unyielding tiles had resulted in a "nice" split under the chin.

Strangely I didn't panic.....which is unusual as I am one of these parents that tend to freak out when their child is injured. No, I calmed my baby down, cleaned up her chin and Hubby quickly bundled her into the car for a trip to emergency "just in case".

Happily they were home within the hour (which is a miracle - this is GC hospitals we are talking about here) With her chin carefully and beautifully wrapped in steri strips and band aids.

And of course we've learnt our lesson...socks are dangerous - an absolute hazard - so "tread" carefully.


  1. Hi Lene

    Maybe that's why they named the movie "Risky Business", because of Tom Cruise sliding around in his socks! LOL

    Wasn't it freezing yesterday? And what's the deal with these kids wanting to run around half naked? Mine are just awful. No wonder they're sick nearly all the time.

    Have a nice long weekend!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  2. Ouch! This post reminds me of the day my then 18 year old son was running in the rain because he didn't want to get wet! He slipped and landed on his chin... breaking his jaw in two places and the bone that is his chin.

    I'm glad to hear your little girl didn't end up as messy!

  3. Hi Anne, I'm so glad that you followed my "drift" with the title! That is exactly why I called this post Risky Business....because of Tom in his socks! I also find it annoying that it can be freezing and the kids run around half-naked, it's like they simply don't feel the cold!

    @ Lisa, Your poor son! It sounds incredibly painful. We were very lucky Little Miss has only come out of it with a small cut and some bruising.


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