Friday, May 6, 2011

A Special Delivery.

On this day, two years ago, I was cranky. I was a week overdue with third baby and I felt impatient and annoyed.......Why didn't my baby feel as anxious to meet me as I was to meet him/her?
    After yet another hospital appointment and a bit of a "hurry up" from the Ob/Gyn - Who, I might add, had the biggest hands I had EVER seen - I went home with niggling pains coming every half hour or so. Was this it? I wondered. Was it all about to start? Would my baby be born on this day? A special day? My Dad's birthday?

I was met at home by my biggest girl and youngest boy who had been picked up by my girlfriend. I sat down and tried to chat with my children but I was becoming very uncomfortable. The shower bought some relief and I spent about half an hour in there.
While I was occupied, Hubby, showing more hindsight that he is generally known for, had rung the hospital and my parents. Hubby was getting worried, he knew it was going to be quick and I tend to get obstinate while in labour...... he had to physically remove me from the shower, which was no easy task considering I was 41 weeks pregnant!
        Mum & Dad were at our house in 15 minutes for babysitting duties and it was off to the hospital for Hubby and I. I spent the trip clinging to the roof in agony although I still managed to boss Hubby around so I wasn't completely out of it!
    When we arrived the midwives seemed to sense the urgency and I was raced into a delivery suite with our allocated midwife - a trainee, it was going to be her very first delivery.

Half an hour later, I was holding my baby. Basically I walked in and gave was that quick. I couldn't quite believe it and nor could Hubby. This tiny, little angel regarded us with her dark, wide eyes and we were completely besotted. She was perfect, beautiful and ours.

Happy Birthday to our gorgeous, darling Georgia. xx



  1. It's so refreshing to hear a birth story that isn't all doom and makes quite the change!

    PS: I think you'll love the super sweet giveaway I'm currently running. If you have a moment, stop by!

  2. Thanks, I just checked out your giveaway and it sounds great!
    Yes, this is a really positive birth story, one I love retelling and reliving!

  3. Gorgeous!! Made me teary :-)
    Loved the pic!

  4. Thanks so much, it made me teary writing it! If I could I would relive the moment in that photo again and again.


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