Saturday, May 28, 2011

Husband Appreciation.

Yes, you've read right. Appreciation. Not Husband slander. Not Husband emendation. No, Husband appreciation.

I think he deserves a post all of his own; between moaning about the trials and trivialities of bringing up four children and my immense dislike of the supermarket, he barely gets a look in. Poor bugger. Really, it's about time I gave him some air time, let him know that despite all the whinging I do, I really, really appreciate him.

Firstly he puts up with me. No mean feat I tell you now. For starters despite being a Stay at home Mum I don't really do much house work, so the house is kind of a permanent bomb site. I'm also a scatter-brain, airy fairy, likely to forget my own children....good thing they follow me everywhere. I'm sensitive, can fly off the handle at any given moment and I take everything and I mean everything he says literally. As you can tell, he has his work cut out for him.
     On his occasional day off work he rolls around playing with the kids. They think this is the best thing ever. They scream, yell & climb all over him, just as if he was a giant jumping-castle. They torment him all day - which is wonderful as the spotlight is off me and I can escape to the kitchen....or the computer....or a book.
Not only does he play, he also cleans. Weird, I know. He'll race around the house like a demented Doris Day, dusting, (what's that?) vacuuming, mopping, basically doing everything that I "should" be doing during the week.

My favourite thing is just hanging out with him. I love pottering around amicably on a Sunday. I love sitting up talking about nothing for ages. I love watching hours of Top Gear with him. I love thrashing him while playing the play station.

Best of all, he's on my side, in my corner, backing me up. He tells me I'm amazing, he thinks I'm really smart (go figure!) and he thinks I'm beautiful.

You know what? I find him pretty amazing too.


  1. Aww, that's so beautiful. I'm pretty grateful for my hubby too!
    You should be putting him into Reservoir Dad's Mentally Sexy Dad Competition. Seriously! He's a keeper! ;)

  2. Mwah! Big kisses for this gorgeous post, Lene. He sounds like a real keeper. x

  3. @ Kellie - Thanks! I think I should enter him too, but he would absolutely die of embarrasment!

    @ Maxabella - You're comments are always lovely, thank you!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit!


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