Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bathtime Freakout!

My gorgeous and sensitive Mr 4 has recently developed a bit of a phobia. And to be perfectly honest it's driving me nuts.
It occurs every time that I try and run the bath. He completely freaks out, flips his lid and quite literally loses the plot.
When bath time approaches I firstly make sure he is occupied elsewhere -tormenting his sisters will usually keep him busy for a while. I quietly sneak down the hallway and close the bathroom door. I'll turn the water on to barely a trickle and slowly, excruciatingly slowly, fill the bath.

Then, he'll start. Screaming, yelling, pounding on the door, 'Mum!' he shouts, 'Mum! Turn the water off!' Then he proceeds to melt down. Completely melt down. I'm telling you, the kid is totally traumatised by water running into a bath.
I try to be calm, encouraging and reassuring but the look on his little face says it all....he's s*** scared.

Once the bath itself is run he's fine. He'll hop and and happily while away 15 minutes or so playing with his action figures while soaking in his own filth. But it's the actual running of the bath that prompts the hysterical ranting and raving.
I'm worried about it. I'm worried about why he's scared of running water. It's also bloody annoying.

I cast my mind back to try and think of an incident or event that may have caused this fear......and if I'm going to be completely honest there is one, but it happened so long ago that he couldn't possibly remember, I mean he was 10 months old at the time so surely not? And this fear is relatively new.
To cut a long story short I started running the bath - left it running while I raced to answer the phone ( taking the children with me - I wasn't completely remiss) promptly forgot about it and then remembered 10 minutes later when the water started creeping down the hallway. Not one of my most intelligent moments.

So, if any one has any tips on relieving a little boy of this fear any advice would be welcome....or the poor little blighter will have to end up showering for the rest of his life. No more luxurious soaking in his own wee for him!


  1. hmmm...what a challenge you have. I wonder if it is the actual water or just the noise. It is really noisy when you run the bath. Maybe it hurts his ears or something...so many options. so wish you luck in figuring this one out. thinking of you. N x

  2. Thanks Naomi, maybe it is the noise. Although I turn the water on low it is still quite loud. I've resorted to the shower for the time being until I work out a solution.

  3. I tend to agree with Naomi, I wonder if it is the noise. Either way it makes life a pain!! Our 2 eldest boys used to freak out everytime we took the plug out, and you've got to admit that it makes a pretty freaky noise. We started making a game of it (us pulling faces and making slurping noises as the water went down the plug hole) that seemed to help. Good luck xx

  4. Oh you poor love. My son who is the same age freaks out too. But I'm sure it's because it means he has to get clean again. Cries and cries (yet, amazingly we do this same thing every day), but when he gets in, I can't get him out.

    This sure is strange, and I hope that one day he will tell you what it is. xx

  5. Thanks Jacqui,I am inclined to think it is the noise, he has never liked loud noises in general. I like the idea of pulling faces and making light of it - my son loves that kind of thing!

  6. Yep I think it may be the noise myself. It sounds as though the water is "hard" and maybe he's scared it may hurt him?
    Making light of it sounds great. Everything needs to be turned into a bloody game doesn't it!! Dinner time, Teeth brushing time, etc etc.
    Lucky they are so bloody cute.


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