Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is great. Not only do I get smothered with love from my little people but I get presents.
   Now, I know I'm supposed to gush on a bit about about how material items aren't important. How I'm happy with all of the "lovely" homemade (or rather school made) gifts from my children. How pleased I am to receive someone elses unwanted offering from the school Mother day stall.......but to be really honest, I want stuff. Pretty stuff, girlie stuff, frilly fabulous frou-frou stuff.

It's not to much to ask is it? That on the day that we celebrate all that is good, lovely and nurturing in this world (in other words, Mothers!) That I should be showered with gifts of the sparkly and glittery variety? I mean, I've certainly earned my fair share of rewards. Surely all of the bum-wiping, puke-cleaning, late-nights, early-mornings, snot-scouring, clothes-washing, room-tidying, food-cooking, injury-kissing, child-bathing, nightmare-rescuing, fight-moderating, tantrum-diverting, game-inventing, school-taxiing, must amount to something? Not to mention all the hugging, kissing, reassuring, encouraging, and unconditional love that I dish out on a daily basis. This must all add up to some form of material compensation. Surely? Hopefully? Expectantly?

Knowing the excellent time management of my beloved husband I will probably end up with the same as I did last year....... A zillion and one scraps of paper with 'I Love you Mum' scrawled across them, a cheap card and a scratchie.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


  1. Oh I hear you!!
    I have done nothing but hint about an "Uberkate" necklace... and by hint I mean I googled a picture and showed my husband. Granted, we are a bit short of cash at the moment and perhaps I shouldn't expect something so special - although he told me he had in mind to cook me a "special" breakfast. I just checked the fridge and the eggs in there expired a week ago. I think for Mother's day this year I can expect some tea and toast and a home made card (which I've already seen in my preschooler's school bag).
    Maybe I'll get an Uberkate next year...
    Happy mother's day x

  2. Ha! I bought my own present this arvo! Can't expect the man of the house to get these things right!

  3. @Romina, I've been dropping hints for a new pendant for over a year now. Unfortunately hubby is still completely clueless so I guess I'll be buying it myself! Hope you received your "Uberkate" necklace and if not...I guess there is always next year!

    @Tam, I was naughty and bought my own present as well, which I gave to Bell to wrap. I know I can count on her to get these things right!

  4. After many, many hints I ended up having to purchase my own sheepskin slippers from Big W along with my mothers and mother-in-law's presents. But hey, he pulled them off the shelves for me....that's got to count for something right? Hope your mother's day ended up great.


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