Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Life.....in boxes.

Today, I'm packing. My house is full of boxes.......empty boxes ready to fill with stuff......boxes already filled with stuff. I'm packing up our life, our things, our memories. I'm compartmentalising the past four years, four years of accumulated joy, stress and love.
    When we were told we had to move I was excited. I was looking forward to a new start in a new house. I felt it was a good opportunity to cleanse and reassess our lives and decide where we wanted to go with our future. I was over, so over our shabby discombobulated house. But now, with three weeks left to find a place to live, nowhere seems good enough. We need to find a place to build new memories. A place for four children to grow, extend, flourish.
This house has been amazing. We arrived here when Mr (nearly) 5 was 10 months old. He learnt to walk in this house. I enjoyed my last pregnancy within these walls. We bought Miss 2 home from hospital here. She learnt to smile, laugh, roll, crawl, walk here. Miss 8 and Mr 4 had their first day at school and came home to tea & cookies in our kitchen. Mr 10 has grown, matured and achieved in this house. We came home, here from our wedding. We've had birthday's, Christmases, holidays, parties, games and joy here. The walls are permeated with the fabric of us. I love the odd layout, the large, airy rooms, the view over the mountains. I don't want to leave.

I walk through the rooms and pack up the photos of my smiling children. I pack up their toys and carefully fold their clothes. I know that wherever we go we will make new memories. That happiness will follow us as it always has done and that our new home will also be a place of joy.

Have you ever had a home, a place that you've always felt connected to? Is it where you are now or is it a place from your past?


  1. Wow those are some memories to have to leave behind. Not easy. But so lovely you can take them with you in a way.
    I loved our last house, but our plans and hurts and memories outgrew it - we lost a lot of potential there, we raised our only surviving child there... then we moved here and it wrapped me up in a huge old hug. It hasn't been easy but renovating and rejuvenating this big old lady (if this house were a person it would be a country grandma, a great cook with ruddy cheeks and permanently wearing an apron, you know?!) has been a load of fun.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today :o)

  2. My mother still lives in the house she moved into as a new bride and had her children in, but in my married life we have moved 9 times in 9 years, and I long for that stability. It would be lovely to be able to live in the same place for the whole lives of our children, so when we are old we could look around and remember where children took first steps etc. I guess that we are lucky compared to previous generations in that we are in the digital age and most of us have many more photographic memories of our journey. Maybe you could make a photo book of all the parts of the house that have meaning for you, eg, this is where mr. 5 took his first step, then you would have at least a part of it? Good luck with the move!

  3. @ Being Me; I love the description of your new house - beautiful & heart warming! I hope you have many, many happy years there. xx

    @ Sannah; I love the idea of a photo book! I think I'll do exactly that. I've always wanted to stay in the one home and have the children grow up in that home. It's a lovely concept.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting, I really appreciate it!


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