Friday, May 20, 2011

Lament of the Lost Boosies

When I was a teenager I had fabulous boobs. They were large, they were perky, they were the bane of my existence. Being around five foot tall and quite petite they dominated my whole body - a feature that several of the boys at school didn't fail to notice.....much to my dismay.
    What I wanted was to be inconspicuous, to put my head down a hole and wait out those mortifying and awkward teenage years. What I got was ridicule from some of the girls and points and snigger's from the pimply boys in the throes of hormone-crazed puberty.

My boosie wah-wahs were completely wasted on me. I hid them under daggy jumpers in the high heat of Summer. My shoulders were permanently slouched, I wore ghastly minimising sports bras.
   Now, I look back on photos of myself at around 15 or 16 and I feel a sense of loss. I lament the diminishing of my beautiful boobies.
Gravity, three pregnancies and years of breastfeeding have sent them to boobie damnation. They are showing their age - just like the rest of me. Heading south for the Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.
    Push-up bras are now my best friends. Low cut tops and clingy shirts are everyday items in my wardrobe. The years of hiding and pretending I don't have boobies like Pammy are far behind me. Now, they're all out for everyone to see.....too bad you need a damn magnifying glass to see anything.
  The days of having a fabulous decolletage may be over - it's really too bad that I didn't appreciate them when I had them - but with maturity and Motherhood has come an acceptance of who I am......tiny boosies and all.



  1. LOL. Yeah, I'm hearin' ya ....

  2. Ah yes, I hear ya on this one! I've worn a bra since I was 10... almost 20 years later and and those suckers are still huge, but much further south thanks to their massive size.


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