Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chivalry is Dead

This morning I was at the supermarket.
'Oh no!' I hear you mutter "Not again!'......
Thank you for your concern but yes, I am okay.
Unfortunately all the other people who reside in my suburb are not quite as fortunate.
Apologies to all the people in aisles 2, 5 and 11 at 10am this morning....the child in question is not mine, I promise, I only "borrowed" her. Honestly.
       Anyways, I'm off the beaten track. As this title clearly states "Chivalry is Dead".
Now, I'm not a die-hard feminist and nor am I a submissive door-mat-type-person (in other words I'm a fence-sitter) But I am a woman and I expect to be treated like one, in other words like I'm the Queen of England people! Bowing, curtsying, calling me "Ma'am" and all that.....just kidding.
       I do like manners though and I expect them. A simple please, thank you or excuse me will sometimes suffice. Therefore, if you see me (30-something, tired, stressed, motherly) struggling with my daughter that "borrowed" child in the freezer section of the supermarket, running up my backside with your loaded trolley will not fact it will quite likely make me apocalyptic with rage. Not apologising afterward makes it more than likely you will experience the female equivalent of an erupting volcano.
    When the aforementioned "borrowed" child throws a punnet of strawberries on the ground, skirting around them with a "tsk, tsk" is not acceptable, it is much more chivalrous to offer the struggling Mother a hand.
    Vile language will certainly not be tolerated. Yes, I take a long time to load my items onto the checkout, that is because I have a two year old tornado helping me. She is helping me so she's distracted from screaming like a banshee because she wants the strategically placed sweets. If you like I can take even longer and I will, simply because you swore at me. Now, I'll turn and wish you a nice day and that's because I'm a nice, well mannered young woman.

Tee hee.....Rant over, I promise to be all sunshine and rose petals again tomorrow. xx


  1. Oh, I'm a little intolerant of intolerance. Ironic, I know. But still... you smile and be proud of your little helper! There's nothing wrong with others having a little patience!

    Love your blog. It's a colourful, vibrant place. Just subscribing to your blog now... ;) xx

  2. See, that's why I generally despise people at supermarkets. Especially little old women. Don't be tricked into thinking they are sweet, because they aren't.
    Some are down right evil.
    I especially love it when they give me parenting advice.
    Hope your supermarket experiences pick up x

  3. This is exactly why I RARELY take my children to the supermarket with me...I go alone or shop online!


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