Thursday, April 7, 2011

Venturing out....

My husband bought home an invitation the other day. It was of the fancy, swanky invitation that just screamed stylish, fashionable, chic - everything that I am not.

I used to get excited about flashy invites. I would dash out to the shops and buy myself some fabulous concoction that inevitably consisted of sequins, stilettos and a whole lot of cleavage. I would buy the latest shade of lipstick and book myself in to get my hair done before the big event. This was obviously before the word "budget" was in my vocabulary.
     On the day I would spend hours primping, preening and perfecting. Once I was at the function I would be sparkling, confident and eloquent (or that could have just been all the champagne.)

My, haven't things changed? Highest on the list of priorities is now the children. I request my babysitter weeks in advance - my wonderful girlfriend, busy with her own two children...what's four more?

At the very last minute - after organising all the children and Hubby - I reach to the forlorn depths that is the back of my wardrobe and dig out a dress that's several years old and that I probably bought at Target for $30. I slap on some makeup and brush my hair. I wear a shabby pair of heels and hope no one looks at my feet......... I feel weary.

Once I'm at the event it's hard to be eloquent and witty. I attempt rhetoric with other people and fail miserably. During the years of pregnancy, feeding and sleep deprivation  my brain has turned to mush. I find it hard to converse about anything that doesn't revolve around school duty, children's birthday parties and the colour, smell and consistency of my toddler's poo.

My eyes glaze over, I think longingly of my nice, warm bed and a hot cup of Milo.

So, when I attend the latest "do" that my Husband deems necessary to drag me along to, I'll attempt to be sparkling and funny (although I'll probably come off as weird and slightly hysterical) I will try not to converse with strangers about my children's bowel habits and I will have a good time.....I promise.


  1. Hahaha that's a classic and so reminds me of my life! I was only just thinking this morning how 'mushy' my brain has become. I think I need to add some egg and cook it for a bit to bring it back together again......
    I've got the shabby heels too with cracked feet and toenails I always forget to polish before I go out to go with it. Hope you have a great night, if all else fails grab a drink, sit back and enjoy a kid-free couple of hours x

  2. We did have quite a nice time, although I had woken up with nasty head cold the morning before! That put a stop on any fun that may have otherwise gone on. Solved the shoe dilemma by wearing boots...thank goodness!


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