Saturday, April 30, 2011

Food, Glorious Food!

Anyone who knows me and knows me well would be quite familiar with my love affair with food. I could possibly go as far as to say that eating is one of my greatest joys.
      The problem is - and if you've noticed the recipes I generally post on here you may have already guessed it - is that the food I enjoy eating the most is well, junk basically. I adore cakes, puddings, crumbles, muffins, slices, brownies, really anything that contains sugar will do.

So, it dawned on me quite recently, and I'm not sure if it was before or after my fifth chocolate biscuit of the day, that maybe my diet isn't the healthiest.

I'm very careful about making sure the children eat well. I'll chop them up a lovely fruit salad or make them a smoothie for breakfast, they only eat wholemeal bread, treats are limited to once or twice a week and their plates are piled high with veges at dinner time. I happily eat all of these things too but when the children are at school or in bed or occupied elsewhere I'll secretly scoff any sweet available all while consuming copious amounts of tea.
     If life was fair I should be the size of a house. But fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) I closely resemble a toothpick. But as we all know that doesn't mean I'm healthy or fit or even remotely athletic. Hell no, I have a severe allergy to exercise. Honestly, I get all breathless, I start sweating, my heart rate accelerates......see what I mean? Obviously allergic. Worst of all it requires effort and it turns out I have a severe allergy to that as well.

When I did the dreaded grocery shop yesterday I bought a lot of wholesome and nutritious ingredients to make super-healthy meals. I bypassed the confectionery aisle, avoided the chocolate biscuits and turned a blind eye to the ice cream fridge.
Full of good intentions I went home, unpacked and then made a menu plan. I vowed to stick to this new, healthier lifestyle.......right after I polished off the rest of the Easter chocolate.


  1. Good luck lovely!
    My story is very similar to yours... It's har, Isn't it!

  2. I'm sorry to say I haven't been trying very hard! Too many birthdays and play dates keep cropping up and ruining my plans! My dinners are really healthy at the moment though so I guess that helps!


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