Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not a private moment

When becoming a Mother one must survive several losses;

Loss of self,
Loss of libido,
Loss of brain cells,
Loss of pert bosoms.........

Needless to say loss of privacy comes up on the list as well. From the moment you produce your screaming infant to the world and the world gets a look at your "privates" the word "privacy" becomes obsolete, invalid, bloody non-existent.
     After all and sundry get a gander at your boobies while attempting to breastfeed and everyone has asked elaborate questions about your birth experience, you may feel that you have nothing more to "share". Surely, now that you have produced said child some infinitesimal amount of privacy may creep back into your existence.

Sorry to burst your bubble but the opposite is true.

I sometimes feel as though I haven't had a private moment in the past 9 years.
My children follow me everywhere....from the the the bedroom. They have no compunction about interrupting me at any time and place. They put no value on modesty or humility.
      Sometimes I find myself fervently wishing for a minute, or two of peace. Even when I'm sleeping they creep into bed with me, their little arms reach out for me and they snuggle into their Mother's embrace.

Who needs privacy?  Not me.

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