Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Love of Reading

I spent a fair amount of my childhood years with my nose firmly planted in an assortment of books. I absorbed them, I inhaled them. Any moment spent not reading was a moment wasted. There was world upon world of marvellous discoveries to be made. Places to escape to, characters to identify with. I had stumbled onto one of my greatest loves
A lifelong obsession had begun.
I devoured all of Roald Dahl, I adored Enid Blyton. Many wistful hours were spent in the whimsical world of Beatrix Potter. I cried through 'Little Women' and cheered through 'Charlotte's Web'.
Many of my childhood adventures were a direct result of the imagination that these books sparked.
As an adult I still spend a fair amount of time in my favourite hobby. When I haven't disappeared into a book myself I'm trying my hardest to get my children involved in one. Mr 10 and I have enjoyed books together for years; ever since I read him Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone when he was 6. We both loved the series and he managed to read it in it's entirety before he was 8. Both of us read The Spiderwick Chronicles and Narnia. Comparing notes at the dinner table. It is one of our (many) similarities, our love of books. It brings us together, our common denominator.

Miss 8 however, was showing little interest. She seemed to far prefer to spend hours outdoors making mud pies and pretending to rescue animals...very worthwhile activities for a young mind to be involved in. But I wondered and I hoped that she too, would become a book worm like her Mother...eventually...when she was ready.

Then slowly, she started. It began with 'The BFG' and then we read 'Harry' together. That was it, she was enthralled. She adored 'The Enchanted Wood' and we cuddled up and absorbed 'Charlotte's Web'. She currently has her head buried in 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'. Every now and then I detect a giggle coming from the couch she's curled up in as she enjoys the juvenile humour. And I smile secretly to myself. She still makes mud pies in the garden...but now she had a new love to indulge in....and I couldn't be happier.

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  1. That's so lovely that you and Mr 10 can enjoy such a wonderful pastime together and to be honest I'm relieved when you say that Miss 8 has finally discovered the enjoyment of books. At only 5, Mr Cuddles really struggles to enjoy books and I don't want to force him but I know how necessary it is for him to read. I'm hoping eventually he'll find his 'reading mojo' like your miss 8 and discover what amazing adventures he can have even if it's dark and raining outside :)

  2. Oh my - I haven't thought about The BFG in ages! Remember snozcumbers? :)
    As an English teacher, this post warms my heart. It's never too early, or too late, to foster a love of reading and inspire imagination. Kudos to you, Mum!

  3. That is fab that she is loving books. I hope my kids develop the love that I have of books too and not follow in there fathers footsteps in that regard. He thinks reading is a waste of time...
    Ugh, some people just don't get it.

  4. I have always been an avid reader too and I am hoping, hoping, hoping that my children catch the bug. So far it doesn't look likely, but I take comfort in your post! x

  5. That's so great when you have shared love for books with your children. My kids are much younger and can't read yet, but it has been already quite amazing to watch them grow from not interested into following me with a book and whinging 'Let's read mummy'...

  6. Thanks everyone, such gorgeous comments!
    For a while there I was a little worried that Miss 8 would not enjoy reading. Hubby struggles with it as he is dyslexic and I kept looking for signs that she may have it too. She just had to discover it in her own time...that's all.

    And I do remember Snozcumbers Nikki, Miss 8 laughed out loud about them! She loves the humour in some of these books!

  7. Oh, I loved Roald Dahl as a kid too. I must have read Danny Champion of the word 5746 times!
    I now am still psychotically devoted to books!
    I have 5 and 3 year old boys and neither of them actually read yet, but they do love me to read to them. So fingers crossed they also develop my love of reading.
    Thanks for your post, you've given me hope!

  8. I share this love with you also, and we are trying our best to make sure our kids develop a love of reading too. The best thing you can do is be a reader yourself!

  9. I am a huge fan of books too, and hope to pass that love onto my kids. Nothing like burying your nose in a good book and forgetting the cleaning for a while:)Luckily both of my toddlers LOVE books, I think thats mandatory in being a toddler, but I hope they continue to love it, especially my son..... I tend to think with girls its a given:)

  10. Hi from another Mum of 4! Most of my children have always loved reading, but one didn't. We decided to get books out from the library about things he liked (science, cook books) and it worked! Loves reading now... well, most of the time.


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