Friday, July 29, 2011

Beware the Explosion!

When I decided that I would like to have whippersnappers I always had a lovely dream-like (and admittedly delusional) image of myself with my angelic offspring.

They would be adorable, perfectly behaved and little teeny carbon-copies of their Mother.

Minus a few of my less desirable attributes of course........
Not physical features - although I didn't really want to pass on my rabbit-like front teeth, my bony a*** and if either of my daughters inherit my saggy boobs I might just cry.

No, I'm talking about my less desirable personality traits. My lack of organisation is one area I hope they bypass. Along with my inherent laziness. Also my ability to behave a bit like a doormat could be something they could do without.

But the trait I really hoped they would avoid is what I like to call 'The Explosion'.

'The Explosion' is something to be wary of, something few people have ever seen ( I apologise - again- to the people who have witnessed this spectacle.......pretty it ain't!) and something that I am not proud of at all.

'The Explosion' is basically an adult version of a temper tantrum on an epic scale.

It's scary, it's ugly and thank god, it's something I have learnt (after much trial and error) to control.

So, I've kept an eye out for signs of this 'lovely' feature in each of my children.....

Mr 10 has been let off the hook, considering he's not technically mine....Lucky him!
Miss 8 may have picked up the laziness and the lack of organisation, but only a mild temper.
Miss 2 is cheeky and into absolutely everything. She throws tempers, but they are basically fairly standard for a terror toddler of her age.

No, the child who has inherited this trait is the child that everyone thinks is an angel. Who is sweet, kind hearted and butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.....until of course, something pisses him off.....then he starts.

For instance, the other day at hockey training (5 year old+hockey stick+bad temper=not a great idea) Mr 5 was beaten not once but twice by a good friend of his during a relay race.
   From across the field I could see him brewing, I recognised the signs......I knew that if I didn't head him off he was going to erupt. Unfortunately he was a fair distance away and by the time I could intervene he had pegged his stick at his mate (and luckily, missed)
The hockey coach was shocked, I was mortified and Mr 5 cried the whole way home and pretty much until bed time.

These explosions are fairly regular and are particularly bad when he's tired, when someone continually presses his buttons or obviously if he gets beaten at something - competitive much?

From experience I know that it is the beginning of a long, hard road for Mr 5. My teen years were fraught with difficulties thanks to my inclination to 'fly off the handle'. I hope that with love, patience and understanding Mr 5 can learn to live with 'The Explosion' too.

But until then, it's time to batten down the hatches......


  1. That's so funny Lene. You know, I love your drawings. Do you just do them by hand and scan them into the computer or are they done on the computer. You're very talented.

    I think the only trait of mine I don't want my kids to inherit is my tendency to be a door mat. Hopefully they'll get their Dad's ability to tell people off.

    Anne xx
    (Thanks for always saying nice things about my recipes too Lene! xx)

  2. Thanks Anne! I always love your beautiful comments.

    I draw the pictures and then scan them onto my computer. I'm definitely not an artist, but drawing funny, little cartoons is one of my favourite hobbies.

    I love your recipes and have tried quite a few out now. They always turn out beautifully.


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