Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Sibling Showdown!

'Give it to me!'
'That's mine!'
'I had it first!'
'You smell like poo'
'You are a bum!'
'I hate you!'
'You are the worst ever!'

Anyone approaching the vicinity of my household would probably be astounded by the ear-shattering, ground trembling, nails-on-blackboard sounds coming from the confines of its four walls.

They would probably run for miles in fear of the evil creatures that reside inside......

One is 8 years old. Long blonde hair, pink cherubic face, big blue eyes.

The other is 5 years old. Disarmingly cute, butter-wouldn't-melt in his mouth, angelic demeanour.

Most of the time they behave reasonably well...of course they have their moments in public but generally I can take them anywhere with little fear of them displaying unsavoury behaviour.

At home it is a different story. I feel like I'm constantly breaking up an argument of some sort. Forever pulling them apart to prevent them from actually tearing each other limb from limb. They race around screaming at each other and participating in a game I can only call 'run and punch'.

It takes all of my self-restraint from joining in to be honest. Sometimes they seem so evil I could easily scream, yell, run and punch too.....

But, I don't. Of course I don't. Because I am the adult here. I have to set an example. I have to model appropriate behaviour....dammit.

So, I spend an awful lot of my time explaining the 'right way' to behave, the 'right way' to react to your sneering, face pulling, bottom-flashing brother. The 'right way' to respond to your screeching, scratching, temperamental sister.

Sometimes I feel like teaching them 'Do unto others..blah, blah, blah' is falling on deaf ears. Somehow I hope the message is slowly sinking in and eventually they will begin to like each other again. But until then.......

'You are a big snot-head...Na-na Na-na-na!'


  1. Tell. Me. About. It. Lene! My two are at it hammer and tongs ALL the time. We had to walk from the front door to the car yesterday and I warned them, one word to each other and we wouldn't be going to pick up the pirate blow up swimming pool I scored on Freecycle. And what do you think happened? Yep. We stayed home. Bloody buggers they are. (I went through it with my 2 sisters I suppose. We used to fight like cats and dogs.)

    Anne xx

  2. oh, it's the same here. I love when they get along and just play nicely together. Love it! But unfortunately, they're usually doing what you described!


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