Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Sister's Wedding...

On Friday I was lucky enough to be part of a very special occasion....I watched my baby sister marry her wonderful partner of 7 years.

Baby sister has always been the life and soul of our family. She is vivacious, fun and pure goodness. Being six years younger than me I always thought she was adorable...until she started stealing my clothes and ripping the heads off my barbie dolls that is.

Watching her grow into a beautiful young woman has been a joy. Then, when she met someone who understands, loves her and makes her happy, it seemed to bring a whole new dimension into her life. Having their first baby last year completed the picture.

When I made my way down the aisle as bridesmaid on her wedding day and spotted her adoring husband to be waiting at the end, I started sobbing hysterically. This was the moment, a moment that seven years of accumulated joy, fun, trials, tribulations, laughter and love had ended in... a new beginning, the start of something spectacular.

I turned and watched with pride as my sister walked down on the arm of her beloved Daddy. Our Daddy who, until a few days previously had been seriously ill in hospital.

The ceremony was beautiful, the setting true to their personalities and style. It was a privilege to be part of such an incredible moment.

The rest of the day was a celebration of pure joy. A celebration of their love. I wished it had gone on and on and never ended, but unfortunately it had to.

So congratulations to my lovely sister and my new brother. May your lives be filled with love, laughter and happiness.


  1. Such a lovely post Lene. The photos are fantastic. Are you the eldest sister? I'm the eldest of 3 girls too so I know how you feel. My youngest sister is still unmarried and I think I'd feel a little like you did yesterday.

    Anne xx

  2. It looked like a beautiful day. You are lucky to be so close and have each other.

  3. Oh this post made me teary. Especially the part where you mentioned that your father was seriously ill in hospital just a few days earlier. I wish your sister all the happiness in the world xx

  4. Beach wedding is nice and unforgettable.


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