Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just a little bit of Fabulousness!!

Today I indulged in some fabulousness. I have been preened and pampered and well and truly beautified. Now, this is highly unusual for me. But due to my impending bridesmaid duties on Friday for my little sister (Eeeek! So excited!) I thought that it was best for me to join the other girls for finger nails, fake tans and frivolity.

 I can honestly say I have never actually been to a day spa. I have had my nails done before..once or twice I think....but I have never, ever had a spray tan before - which I think the beauty therapist was well aware of.......judging by her amused expression bought on by my awkwardness.

Initially I had a run down on spray tan etiquette by my sister's well informed friend. Then brave (or stupid) person that I am I eagerly volunteered to go first.

So first of all I had to strip off. I had anticipated this, although I wasn't quite prepared to go the whole hog. Getting naked in front of strangers is not my forte. I may have been a little more liberal with flashing body parts in my early twenties, but several years and children later, my wobbly bits are only for my husband's eyes.

Then, the lady hands me something that looks vaguely like dental floss. I was supposed to put this on...somewhere. I didn't think it would look appropriate hanging from my teeth, so I 'tried' to cover the parts that needed to be covered.

Then she started spraying. Some sort of cold, sticky substance. It tickled, and I had a hard time not laughing at the awkwardness of the situation. Here I was, stark freaking naked, getting sprayed with some sort of concoction, by a complete stranger. Funny weird or funny ha ha?

Anyways, a few minutes later I was done. I stood self-conciously in the room while a fan dried me off and the therapist cleaned up. I was sure she was making a mental note to tell all her friends of 'the frumpy Mum who came in today, obviously had a couple kids judging by the general saggy/dagginess, was plain to see that she had never heard of hair removal or beauty products' or else she couldn't have cared less and it was just my crazy self-talk.

Next it was nails, which was definitely less embarrassing and really quite nice. Then, toe nails...which was divine...although I felt slightly sorry for the poor woman who had to deal with my dodgy toesies.

So, now I am tanned, pretty and fabulous. All ready for a super-special day on Friday.

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  1. Photos Lene. Photos. Not necessarily of you wearing the dental floss but of your fancy nails and glowing skin. Bet you're excited about the wedding? Hope you and your sister have a lovely time.

    Anne xx

  2. Oh I love it. So very very true. There is just something special that happens to us on the inside when we get pampered on the outside. Hope you have fun at the wedding!!


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