Monday, February 14, 2011

To Sleep....perchance to Dream.

Until recently our darling Toddler has gone to bed at night without a hitch. Sure, she woke up continuously throughout the rest of the night but actually getting her to go to bed at the beginning was a doddle. This was always a call for much joy & celebration from the Man of the House and myself, we would happily plonk ourselves down on the couch for some much needed trashy TV and indulge. Last Tuesday was pretty much the same as usual, all kiddies in bed, house tidy (ish) and Hubby and I happily partaking in the latest rubbish on the box. That was until a little voice piped up from next to me "Mumma?". It was our darling Toddler. How on earth did she get out of her cot? I took her back down to bed, tucked her in and said goodnight. Five minutes later she was at my elbow again "Mumma?". The little monkey was escaping! That was it, once she had started with the Houdini act there was no stopping her, she came out continually until I finally stayed in the room with her and patted her.....for an hour and a half! Missed all my favourite shows and my downtime. Needless to say I was a very grumpy Mumma that night and even grumpier when Little Miss decided to join us at midnight in our bed and then proceeded to spend the rest of the night with her feet in my back. The next night was the same and now it's turned into what she thinks is a wonderful game. Unfortunately the pair of us are so sleep deprived that we are not much fun to be around at the moment. This equals much suffering for the Man of the House and the other three children who do sleep.
Sleep? Who me?
How to deal with this? If I could manage a coherent thought at the moment I'm sure I could deal with it sensibly and logically but I'm struggling to put two words together let alone deal with my escapee of a child! I think it may be time to move our little girl into a big girl bed.


  1. Sleep deprivation really is a form of torture. Mr. Small put us thru the wringer on that one for sure. And yes, often a move to the bed really helps.

  2. The plan is to buy the bed this weekend....hopefully we'll have some sleep success then!


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